Woman Serves Dog From The Romantic Dinner Her Boyfriend Prepared; Now Their Relationship Is On The Ropes

Dogs and their owners share an intense bond. After all, it's normal to be a little partial to the fluffball that provides you with unlimited cuddles.

However, it's more than just that. Studies have shown that having a dog has numerous benefits, including boosting serotonin levels and reducing stress.

As a result, it's normal for dog owners to take special care to ensure their dogs are well-fed and satisfied. This is important as a dog's diet can determine a lot about its overall health.

Adult dogs, for example, require sufficient nutrients to meet up with their energy needs and to maintain and repair body tissues. Like humans, a good diet also helps dogs increase immunity and prevent diseases.

We founz a story on the AITA subreddit that explores the importance of a dog's diet. However, there's a twist to this.

What happens when owners start feeding their dogs with people food — not just any, but "special" meals? We're talking "romantic dinner" kinda special.

We're sure some dog parents do it. Why not, since your pet is family? But if you're taking it out of someone else's fridge, that's a whole different ballgame.

According to this Redditor, she was set to visit her boyfriend's house for the first time. As a result, he decided to prepare a special dinner to welcome her.

Interestingly, OP came along with her dog, which was welcome. But when her boyfriend saw her trying to serve the pup a large chunk of this exquisite meal, he didn't hesitate to kick both of them out..

OP revealed that her friend was on her boyfriend's side. But convinced that she was right, she decided to bring the matter to the Reddit community to weigh in.

Scroll down to read the full story:

This headline doesn't do justice to the story

OP's boyfriend prepared roast and some vegetables to host her for the night. But he was quite surprised to see her trying to serve her dog a plate of this "special meal"

Jay wasn't having any of that, and so he sent OP out of his house
Unfortunately, they broke up shortly after
"You should have brought dog food to feed Shelby. You should not have fed Shelby with people food, and you should particularly not have fed your dog with the special dinner your (now ex–) boyfriend prepared for you"
"Roasts are expensive, groceries in general are expensive! You didn’t even bother to ask if he minded if you feed your dog"
"Helping yourself to the contents of someone else's fridge the first time you're at their house is pretty astonishing too"
"YTA. Half the roast?"
"When OP said table scraps, I thought it was the food that they left unfinished at the table, not half a pot roast in the fridge"
"If there’s enough food to feed a person, then those are leftovers for people, not the dog."
"YTA... You took half of the leftover meat from the meal to feed to your dog."
"Literally any vet says not to feed dogs human food.
"Bruh, a quarter of the roast isn't table scraps"
"You should absolutely know better that most seasonings and vegetables involved in a roast, like onions and garlic, are potentially fatal for a dog to ingest."
"YTA It would have taken 5 seconds to ask."
"Roast is expensive and for him to have bought and prepared this meal for you to enjoy and then you just put probably $10 of meat on a plate for the dog without asking is ridiculous."
Relationships are by no means easy to navigate. Sometimes people find behaviors they aren’t willing to deal with for a long time and end a relationship.

For OP’s boyfriend, her habit of taking things from him without requesting them was something he couldn't cope with anymore.

The people in the comments section seem to be on his side regarding this matter. Some even referred to OP as entitled for attempting to feed her dog the food her boyfriend had made.

Do you think OP is the A**hole in this situation or do you feel that her boyfriend overreacted? Let us know in the comments below!


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