9 Memorable Scenes From Disney Movies That You Didn’t Realize Were Recycled

Disney has been churning out some of the best movies for kids since time immemorial. 

From classics like Mickey Mouse to Cinderella to The Little Mermaid and even Aladdin, they have kept many youngsters glued to their screens for many years.

For a company that started in 1923, it’s a huge deal that they are still a market leader almost one century later.

They’ve expanded from just animated films to live-action films, theme parks, broadcasting, streaming media, publishing, television, and so much more.

Simply put, Disney knows where the money’s at. And they go all out to get it.

In all these years of providing nothing less than premium entertainment, you’d expect that some forms of creative blocks have hindered productions in the past.

Yet, with Disney, that has never been a problem. They have continuously churned out movie after movie.

Although, some movies have recycled scenes so creatively that you’d hardly be able to spot them. 

However, for trained eyes like ours, nothing is too little to pass us by. And we’re letting you in on our remarkable findings.

Keep scrolling to see some of these scenes! We bet you’d be surprised to find some scenes on this list.

1. The opening scene from Beauty and the Beast. Where have we seen that before?
Oh, wait! It’s in Bambi
2. This scene from The Princess and The Frog. It looks familiar, doesn’t it?
That’s because you’ve seen it in The Sword In The Stone.
3. These fishes from Alice In Wonderland has featured somewhere else. Where could that have been?
We found it! But there's a little twist to this one. If you look closely you'll see a little wooden boy in there too, and his name is Pinocchio.
4. Dog kisses from Jungle Book
Mowgli couldn’t keep the kisses to himself, so he shared them with Arthur from The Sword In The Stone. How adorable!
5. Tibbs breaking into Hell Hall in 101 Dalmatians. Look familiar?
It seems like animals are breaking into everywhere. We can see another example in Pinocchio
6. Hmmmm....this scene from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh looks familiar. Where have we seen this before?
Watch Christopher Robin closely, and you may see Mowgli in him because this scene from Jungle Book is identical.
7. How many of you remember this scene from Sleeping Beauty? If you're a Disney lover, then you probably know where this scene drew inspiration from
The answer is Snow White!
The goons and the Dwarfs are two sides of the same coin. Aside from getting to live happily after getting a kiss from their one true love, Aurora and Snow White had similar scenes in their movies.
8. This dance sequence in Beauty And The Beast
It’s the same dance scene in Sleeping Beauty.

So who’s taking dance classes from whom? 
9. These bamboo shoots from The Little Mermaid
Only true Disney fans will know that these shoots are also in The Old Mill.
How many were you able to guess correctly, or did we completely shatter all your previous beliefs about these movies?

Some of you are already questioning your position as a true Disney fan. Not to worry, even the best of us missed these scenes.

Which recycled scene surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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