Little-Known Tips and Tricks That Promote Hair Growth and Prevent Thinning

Hair loss can be one of the greatest challenges to our self-confidence. Unlike with blemishes and other "flaws," it's hard - and often expensive - to figure out ways to cover up hair loss. That's why we've put together this list of creative and inexpensive hacks that prevent further thinning and encourage the regrowth of healthy, strong, and moisturized hair. From little-known products to simple things you can do for no money at all, keep scrolling for some tried and true tips.

The Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is the hair cure nobody knew they needed! The antioxidant tea, renowned for its many health benefits, including lowering the risk of heart disease and fat loss, is now also being touted as an incredible hack to prevent hair loss and also strengthen and fortify our hair. Green tea is essentially an antioxidant, so when applied to our hair and scalp, it can leave it feeling refreshed and actually has removed bacteria and germs from our roots. 

Among other nutrients, green tea contains high levels of water-soluble Vitamin B or biotin, which has been extolled for its hair loss-fighting properties. 

Did You Know Your Hair Is Filled With Toxic Metals? Here's What to Do About It

Little did we know, but metal - yes, actual metal - accumulates in our hair over years and years of washing with tap water. When our over-metalized hair has a close encounter with oxidants i.e. when we color or bleach our hair, a negative chemical reaction occurs, leaving our hair damaged, fragile and broken. One of the newest hair hacks out there for soft, healthy, beautiful hair is a metal detox - products that contain an element which neutralizes metals!

Of all the metals that are bad for our hair, copper is the ultimate villain, causing all kinds of havoc with our hair. To prevent further hair loss or breakage and to give your hair a new lease of life, try the metal detox hack everyone is raving about.

Placenta for Renewing Hair Growth

Yes, human placenta is being touted as the newest 'hack' when it comes to hair growth and renewal. Using placenta feels like a big leap from slapping on mayonnaise, but incredibly, scientific studies have shown that human placenta may be useful for treating chemotherapy-induced alopecia. The results are fascinating - using human placenta actually stimulated new hair growth! There are also hair products on the market now that include placenta, albeit animal placenta and not human.

What is it about placenta? Scientists say placenta extract accelerates cell division and growth factor expression, and that when used in a product, placenta extract acts as an emollient - making hair softer and more moisturized. A win!

Hang Your Head Upside Down to Get Blood Circulation Flowing

This tip is the most basic - blood flow! The basic act of turning one's head upside down increases blood flow and improves circulation to our hair follicles, encouraging hair growth. The newest hair hack, often called the Inversion Method, hasn't been proven - or disproven! - by scientific research yet, but Internet users are testifying that it works. In order to try it out, a person should lie down on their back with their head hanging over the side of a bed or couch and then massage some hair-friendly oil into the scalp while hanging out.

The Inversion Method is not encouraging anyone to hang themselves upside down for long periods of time - at most a few minutes a day, and just the head!

Cayenne Pepper - Not Just for Seasoning

One might think this is just another hot spice on the rack, but no! Traditionally used throughout centuries in herbal medicine for healing, cayenne pepper has recently raised its' spicy profile in the world of hair loss prevention and hair growth. Cayenne pepper, or more specifically the capsaicin in the pepper plant, has been used in experimental treatments in Japan. They began testing Cayenne pepper on those with alopecia and concluded that the treatments were affecting hair growth.

Next time you're making tacos, save some of that cayenne pepper for preparing a hair mask or oil!

Give Yourself Daily Scalp Massages

Little did we know, but there are huge benefits to scalp massages! Using the fingertips - not the nails! - and starting at the base of the neck, gradually moving up to different sections with the fingertips. Massaging should happen in an upward motion for around 5 minutes every time. There are a ton of 'scalp massage' devices out there, but our fingertips are actually the most effective for encouraging better circulation and healthy hair growth! 

Scalp massages can definitely be done while showering - there's nothing like some multi-tasking to save you time on your hair routine. 
Vicks VapoRub Treatment Shows Progress Within Just Six Weeks
Many, many wacky and weird things have been tried out - and used! - in the name of beauty, and this one is no different. Vicks VapoRub is more commonly known for relieving chesty coughs or muscle aches, but women all over the Internet are trying Vicks out on their edges and hairlines and seeing significant change and growth, some in as little as five weeks. Apparently, the main Vicks ingredients - menthol, eucalyptus, and camphor - are a holy grail mixture for hair growth and stimulation for some types of hair.
​We love this idea for its simplicity - Vicks VapoRub is cheap and easily found at all drugstores, so it's available to anybody who wants to try out this trendy hair hack!
Follow the Golden Rules of Blow-Drying to Prevent Hair Loss
When it comes to hair hacks for preventing hair loss, one of the biggest factors in haircare comes into focus: heat. It's responsible for the largest amount of damage done to our hair, but drying with a blow-dryer or irons often helps our hair 'look' its best. Some golden rules when it comes to blow-drying hair include never using it on soaking wet hair, always using a heat protective spray or serum, and while some recommend removing the nozzle of a blow-dryer, other professionals say it's enough to hold it 1-2 inches away.
More golden rules include: sectioning off hair to blow dry, using the right blow-dryer for specific types of hair, and using the right brush to blow dry with. 
Women Swear by These Oils That Promote Hair Growth
The pleasure of a massage cannot be overstated, particularly when it comes to anywhere in the head, scalp, and neck region! It's incredibly relaxing, and it turns out there are also major health benefits, as well as hair health benefits, to a scalp massage. Particularly when massaged with certain hair-friendly oils, scalp massage can contribute to hair growth. A massage stimulates blood circulation, which is always a positive thing when it comes to our bodies.
​Some of the recommended oils for making a homemade hair and scalp massage oil are lavender, coconut, and jojoba. Apply a few drops to the scalp, and then massage in gently with the fingertips. Bliss.
Natural Caffeine Shampoo Can Be as Effective as Prescribed Medicated Treatments
A cup of java in the morning might be exactly what is needed to get the body up and awake - and the same may go for our hair! Beyond regular coffee, caffeine is also found in tea, matcha, and chocolate and might also be the key to combating hair loss. Caffeine is known to stimulate our nervous systems and circulation, and increased blood flow is key to improving hair growth. What's most interesting about the connection between hair and caffeine is the recommendation to apply the caffeine topically to hair and scalp for best results.
​In a scientific study on hair loss and growth in 2017, scientists found that 'natural' caffeine shampoo and prescribed medicated treatments for male alopecia produced almost exactly the same results!
Avoiding Sun Damage Is Crucial
When talking about hair loss, exposure to the sun doesn't immediately spring to mind - but it is, in fact, one of the biggest causes of damage to our hair. Sun exposure breaks down the natural lipids (fats) in our hair, leaving it unable to really retain moisture and leading it to become frizzy and dry. The sun can also gradually alter the color of our hair, so in order to protect those gorgeous lowlights, professionals recommend always wearing a hat in the sun. 
Experts also recommend minimizing exposure to the sun at peak times and applying SPF to the scalp. 
Antifungal Monistat 7 Is Not Just for Yeast Infections (yes, Really)
One of the oddest hair hacks out there for preventing hair loss, beyond mayonnaise and VapoRub, is the use of Monistat 7 - a cream traditionally used for yeast infections. Yes, you read that right. The science part goes like this: the active ingredient in Monistat 7 is miconazole nitrate, normally used to treat fungal infections. As microbes and fungi do actually live on our scalp, using this topical treatment - mixed with olive oil - might not be as 'out there' as people think.
works when it comes to hair growth! But many people on the internet swear it's worked for them.
Why so Many People Are Changing to Silk or Satin Pillowcases
There are many factors that lead to hair loss or shedding, but one of the things we can easily change is what our hair is doing while we're sleeping. Yes, sleeping! Pillowcase fabric has proven to be a factor when it comes to shedding. Changing up a cotton pillowcase for satin or silk allows for better circulation and maintaining moisture in the hair, i.e., no frizzy, brittle, or dried-out hair in the morning. Cotton absorbs oils from our hair and skin, but other fabrics just let them be!
If every morning you face a mane of frizzy, dry, or tangled hair, then definitely consider taking this hack more seriously!
Baking Soda Can Do Wonders for Your Scalp
Raid the pantry and baking supplies for this hack - baking soda has proved to be effective at removing buildup on the scalp, thanks to its high pH! Most commonly, proponents of the baking soda hack use it as a paste, made with water and essential oils, that is brushed onto the scalp. They also use it in conjunction with vinegar which has some antifungal properties and might be a natural treatment for dandruff.

 If tempted to try this baking soda hack or a baking soda and vinegar routine, always check if it's suitable for your particular hair type first!

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