10 Celebrities And Their Equally Gorgeous Siblings

Are people ever surprised when you show them a picture of your sibling? Whether you look identical or don't even pass for relatives, people are still stunned to see what they look like. The same thing happens to celebrities all the time because not all of their siblings are famous. From Selena Gomez to Penelope Cruz, you will be astounded to see what these celebrity siblings look like. Some of them could be stand-ins while the others could pass for strangers, and you won't believe whose sibling could be their twin. 
1. Gigi, Bella, And Anwar Hadid

Gigi and Bella Hadid are model sisters who have a younger brother named Anwar, if you didn't already know. Bella used to look more like Gigi as a baby before she dyed her hair dark brown and got a nose job. Although none of them look identical, you can tell they are related from their blue-grey eyes. With three siblings, the oldest always looks like mom, the middle is a mix, and the youngest looks like dad. If you know their parents, you can see how accurate this is. They definitely look like siblings, but it is much harder to tell when they are not standing together. 

2. Mary-Kate, Ashley, And Elizabeth Olsen

If you didn't know who these people were, wouldn't you assume that they are triplets? Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are clearly identical twins, but their sister Elizabeth also looks almost exactly like them. Something must have been in the water at the Olsen house because they are all gorgeous. Like her sisters, Elizabeth made a name for herself in the acting world when she played Scarlet Witch in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. She has since gone on to have roles in many other films and TV shows, and she is carrying on the Olsen legacy now that her sisters are no longer acting. 

3. Nikki And Nathan Reed

Nikki Reed is best known for her roles in the Twilight saga and her beauty, but did you know her brother is just as attractive? While it is harder to see a brother and sister's resemblance, they definitely have the same face shape. Besides that, they don't exactly scream siblings or even related. If we didn't know they were siblings, we might have assumed this was a picture of Nikki Reed and a new man in her life. Maybe with a wig and some makeup, they would look more related, but it's hard to tell from this. 
4. Taylor And Austin Swift
Throw on a wig and a dress, and Austin Swift could probably pass for a Taylor Swift impersonator. You can see the resemblance the two share, but we wouldn't call them identical. Austin has walked the red carpet with his sister many times, and people know they are related, not dating. Austin and Taylor are three years apart in age, but it is challenging to guess who is older. Austin looks like he is the older sibling with his mature beard, but Taylor is the big sister. Thanks to his sister's fame, he was able to get into acting a producing in the past couple of years. 
5. Dakota Johnson And Stella Banderas
While most people don't know that Fifty Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson has a sibling, they will be surprised to find out that she is just as beautiful. The sisters are half-siblings and share Melanie Griffith as their mom, but they have very different looking fathers, which is why they don't really resemble each other. They are both naturally dirty blonde but dye their hair lighter, which helps to remind people that they are related. They also share their mother's mouth shape, but that is where the resemblance ends. They would probably pass for friends rather than sisters if you saw them walking down the street. 
6. Kate And Oliver Hudson
Although this might sound creepy, it looks like Kate Hudson is hugging a boyfriend rather than her brother Oliver. You might recognize Oliver from a plethora of movies and TV shows like Rules of Engagement, Scream Queens, and Grown Ups 2. He might be older, but she is the better-known Hudson. They both followed in their mother's footsteps when it came to acting; however, Oliver got his father's looks. Although they have the same eye color, they don't really look much alike. If they weren't famous, this would be the perfect photo to submit to "Dating or Related" on Instagram. 
7. Karlie And Kimberly Kloss
Karlie Kloss and her sister Kimberly might not look alike, but they sure look like they are ready to hit the catwalk. You would never know these two are sisters between the height difference and their facial features. They are equally beautiful but in much different ways. While Karlie is a fashion model, her sister Kimberly works for Christian Louboutin. It must be nice to have a sister with the fashion hook-up, not that Karlie needs it. While some sisters look identical regardless of the age difference, these two look like they came from different parents. 
8. Emma And Alex Watson
We all know and love Emma Watson from the Harry Potter films, but did anyone know she had a nearly identical brother? When she cut her hair into a pixie cut in 2010, she looked even more similar to her brother Alex. He is also an actor and model, and you might have seen him on set with Emma. If you are a mega Harry Potter fan, you might remember a Hufflepuff background student that could have passed for Hermoine's brother, and that's because Alex played one of the extra students in the third movie. Over the years, he has matured, and they no longer look as similar, but you can see the resemblance. 
9. Hailey And Alaia Baldwin
If Hailey Baldwin and her sister Alaia walked into a room, you would never know they are related. These two could not have more opposite looks between Hailey's light blonde hair and Alaia's dark aesthetic. Even in more recent pictures, Alaia is like a distant cousin rather than a sister. They do share the same parents, but they have always had much different styles and looks. While Hailey is her dad's twin, Alaia looks much more like their mom. Like Hailey, Alaia is also a model, and she just became a mom in August. We wonder if her daughter will get any of the Baldwin genes. 
10. Miley And Noah Cyrus

 You probably remember spotting Noah Cyrus from the random appearances she made on Hannah Montana, but now she is all grown up, and there is no doubt that she is Miley Cyrus' sister. Although they are not identical, you can see the resemblance, and Noah has picked up some of Miley's mannerisms. They both share a passion for singing and pushing the boundaries with fashion, but Noah has always felt like she is living in her sister's shadow no matter how talented she is in her own right. It must be hard to be compared to Miley Cyrus every day of your life since she became famous. 

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