28 Before & After Photos That Prove Your Weight Is Meaningless

Most of us worry about some pounds gained and probable weight loss from time to time, and usually, this is very much related to the number we see on the scales.

Well, sometimes weight is truly just a number, and these strength training lovers will prove it to you. Compiled by Bored Panda, these before and after photos show that weighing yourself isn't always the best way to see whether or not you are actually getting a toned body, and you definitely don't need to starve yourself or go on a very strict diet to see the actual difference.

Even though these photos show that you can maintain your weight by weight lifting and some serious muscle gain and still look stunning, some people did choose the other path, and their results are inspiring nonetheless. Different physiques require different choices!

Scroll down to see how incredible these women look without losing a single pound, yet gaining incredible muscle tone!

#1 The Scale Doesn't Measure Sexy
#2 For Anyone Fretting Over “Holiday Weight” This Is Your Reminder To Screw The F***ing Scale!
#3 Nothing Quite Like A Reminder That Weight Can Be Deceiving, Age Means Nothing And Healthy Looks Different

#4 Pleaseeeeee Stop Getting Hung Up On The Number On The Stupid Scale! Please Stop Thinking Your Weight Equals Your Progress And For The Love Of Everything Please Stop Letting Yor Weight Have Any Affect Whatsoever On Your Self Esteem, Like I Used To

#5 Same Weight - Different Year And Shape

#6 Stop Letting The Scale Determine Your Success - It’s Literally Just A Number!

#7 Throw Away The Scale!!!!!!!

#8 Now This Is A Very Common Question I Always Get Asked. “How Much Weight Have You Lost Since The Start Of Your Fitness Journey?!” Uhmmmm. The Truth Is That I Have Stayed Almost The Exact Same Weight As When I Started

#9 I Weighed Myself Today For The First Time In Forever...i’m Exactly The Same Weight As When I Started Last June!

#10 Age 26, 5'8'', 137 Lbs. My Weight Has Stayed Constant Since I Began Lifting

#11 This Is A Little Reminder That Number On The Scale Is Just Number. Your Weight Doesn’t Equal Your Progress!

#12 Would You Care If Your Weight Stayed The Same, If Your Body Composition Completely Changed?

#13 And This Is Why The Scale Should Not Be The Main Measurement Of Progress Or Health. The Scale Does Not Differentiate Between Muscle, Fat, Water, And Organs

#14 Screw The Scale, Seriously.

#15 I Get Asked All The Time "How Much Do You Weigh?"

#16 It Was Never My Goal To Be Skinny

#17 Scales Versus Pictures

#18 By The Scales Standards And My Old Way Of Thinking, I'm Failing At This Weightloss Thing.

#19 Guess What, Exactly The Same Weight In Both!

#20 It's A Comparison Of Over A Year. This Transformation Could Be Done Within 3 Months

#21 In Both Of These Pictures I’m The Exact Same Weight, Normally I Would Be Devastated And Feel Like I’ve Failed. One Of The Biggest Things I’ve Achieved On This Challenge Is To Ditch The Scales And Learn To Feel And See The Changes I’m Making To My Body

#22 Some Things Change: 2014 And 2016

#23 I Feel Like I Haven’t Posted A Transformation In A While, So Here You Go! Same Weight And Such A Difference

#24 This Is My Proof That It's Not All About The Scale!

#25 Don't Be Fooled Or Ruled By The Number On The Scale!!!

#26 Same Weight But Different Body Fat!

#27 Transformation

#28 No Difference In Weight But A Big Difference In Body Composition!

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