10 Funny Comics Show What Should You Not Say During Job Interviews


 I never get the idea of what people actually mean when they say they interview well. Like is that even possible? If you’re too much prepared, your answers sound robotic, and if you’re not then you start most answers with a long sip of water to gather your thoughts. But what’s the key to nailing your job interviews? Well, the most important is confidence. When you speak with competence and confidence about your experiences and capabilities, half of your work has already been done. There are some rules as to what you should not say during job interviews. After all, these little things can give you your dream job or take it away.

This New York Times bestselling author Nathan W. Pyle looks like the kind of guy who has been through it and has encountered a horrible job interview experience. Mainly because his ongoing comics series “Nailed It” perfectly captures the hilarious tension between the interviewee and the interviewer and everything that it produces. Right from acting like a completely incompetent fool to insulting the person who is considering your candidacy it’s all there in his funny comics.

1.Surely, never ever answer this to the interviewer. These funny comics are the best thing you are going to read today. 

 2.Whoa! And you think they are going to hire you after this?

 3.That’s the dumbest answer you can give during job interviews.

 4.You are trying to get a job here and giving such dumb answers.

 5.She clearly didn’t mean that sir!

 6.How can be people so dumb? Well, take a note, you should never really answer like this in your job interviews if you want a job.

 7.Isn’t it witty as well as insulting? Think before you speak. Words can make or break things.

 8.Nobody just applies at one place and be sure that they are going to get the job. We all want to be on the safer side after all.

 9.Clearly, you should know where to say no!

 10.Take a note of what you should not say during the job interviews.

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