Motherhood Is The Toughest Job And These Illustrations Prove It Well

 Mother, a word that gives us a feeling of warmth, care and love.

We often take the domestic chores done by moms for granted. Along with joys, she endures sorrows when she bears a child and takes care of home and outside duties. Yet, her duties and sacrifices often go unnoticed.

You know what my mom tells me? She often narrates her experiences and the hurdles she faced while bringing me up and how I used to pester her all the time in my childhood. It was not intentional though.

And so, I gave a second thought to the pains and pleasures a mother undergoes. Recently, I came across this artist and an illustrator Nathalie Jomard who made my imagination come true. 

I have compiled some of her drawings. And I want you to have a look at them because they are damn adorable.   

During toughest days of her maternity.

 Moms, and in fact every other girl who's gonna be a mother soon, will experience this. The clothes going tighter and things start getting itchy and irritating.

Oh! That face.

 Now, here's something everyone faces while they try playing or feeding the kids. Scratching someone's face, pulling that one hair string, oh god!


 To some of us - that has been a pleasure. But for the moms, that's a shark bite.  

Wanna read? Try.

 LOL! Attaining concentration in doing something is close to impossible. Even thinking about it is horrible.

Pooping has never been that difficult!

 Because you will find your kids hanging somewhere around your body making pooping even more difficult.

Tolerating the farts!

 You know that if someone who has tolerated all the shit during your childhood, it is your mom. There is no doubt about it.

Less food more play!

 Those days when you had food everywhere else but not in your mouth. She was the one who got all the mess cleaned up.

Forgot something?

 I don't think so. The child took it off. I laughed for 5 minutes after seeing this. 

Notoriety never ends!

 Her reaction when child puts her stuff at stake. Definitely, something to be angry at.   


 And why not? When you have so many responsibilities to handle, you get tired. And to get a sound sleep is like a dream come true.

Shit happened!

But that's what she cleans up. You do all that and she does it all without complaining. 

No better way than this!

Can you laugh at it? Well, I can. Our moms have the solutions to every problem and so we call them super moms. No one can think of the idea better than this! 

That's all folks!

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