20+ Adorable Dog Pictures Captured In The Most Awkward Moments

 We've all heard the phrase: Dog is man's best friend. But just how far will your furry friends go to show how much they care? Or how far they go to the weirdness they do at home or around you?

Imagine when your curious little pooch goes sniffing in the kitchen and gets itself covered in the wheat flour. Although, you may get a little angry at your little pooch for making your work more complex, yet you adore them for being so cute and making you smile on that particular day. I tell you what? I'm such a person who can spend whole life with this faithful breed. They are just too good, adorable and always on the go with you. And advantage? No complaining! You understand your dog more than you understand a human and vice-versa.

Thus, to make your day, I've rounded up some of the funniest and tear-jerking pictures of these dogs around the world. Just look at these, and I bet you'll not want to hit the back button.

#1 And, here it is...

 The creature that has made her do all the hustle and here it comes to sneak into the house.

#2 Yeah, on duty!

 Adorable, isn't it?

#3 Okay.

 Let's get some peace here.

#4 And when it knows all...

 When you're taking the pooch to the veterinary. And it knows all.

#5 Go green.

 Okay, let's decide to do this!

#6 The rarest I'd call it.

 All covered in snow, how would it not make everyone laugh?

#7 Okay, I got you.

 Don't give such reactions. Okay, well!

#8 Shouldn't have bought it.

 What's the sense when all it had to do is this?

#9 Well, can't help bro!

 #10 And this was my favorite...

 #11 Sorry, not sorry.

 #12 Pretty horrible.

 #13 All stuck in the head!

 #14 That face though...

 #15 Sporty spirit.

 #16 That seemed horrible in the first place.

 #17 Because, it doesn't believes you.

 #18 Quite far.

 #19 Let's go for a ride then...

 #20 Stubborn.

 #21 Amazed?

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