Meet Real Life 'Notebook' Couple Who Died Holding Hands In Bed

 It is said that “Soul mates are two halves of the same joining together in life journey “which is actually true. Many people swear to die together but there are very few people who actually fulfill their promise. There are people who wish to love together even after death. Here we are presenting an emotional story of an old couple who actually fulfilled their promise of dying together. This story will surely make you cry as they died holding hands in bed. You must read this real love story…….

Alexander and Jeanette Toczko Stared Dating When They Were 8 Years Old

 They Are Made For Each Other

 They Became Proud Parents Of Five Children

 She Is So Lucky, As He Fallen For Her Everyday

 P.S. I Love You. She Said

 Mr. Toczko Was the only person Jeanette want to fall asleep next to! But After His Death, She Make Sure She Won't Sleep With Anyone Else 

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