9 Unrealistic Things That Only The Most Abnormal People Can Do

 Humans come in all shapes and sizes. Some will excel at sports, while some in are brilliant at dancing. People can do pretty amazing things with their body according to their strengths. But are there any activities that the human body just can't do? Yes, there are. Just like it's not possible for a man to pull a truck with his ears, well, we know someone who did it.

Seems pretty impossible, but there are extraordinary people. Take a look at some of them here.

1. This man pulls a truck with his ears. 

 2. Who said you can't lick your elbow?

 3. A perfect balance. 

 4. Can you count how many eggs is he holding? 

 5. Have you ever seen anybody while doing this with their tongue? 

 6. Now that's superhuman power. 

 7. Who can do this? 

 8. Imagine how much weight he's lifting. 

 9. This monk with impenetrable skin. 

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