30 Photos Proving That Some Roommates are Sent From Hell

 Well, folks don’t fret it! You are not alone in dealing with such lousy roommates. We have compiled a list of 30 photos that prove some roommates are crazier than yours.  From putting scary stuff on the bed to filling the room with McDonald’s trash, these pictures are insanely hilarious and after seeing them, you’ll be pleased that your roommate isn’t this bad.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and roomies as well!

Would you be scared?
 Cleanliness level: Home alone
 Lets play a game
 Even the toilet roll is angry at me
 Left a romantic surprise for my roommate
 Drunk confessions
 My roommate's a legend
 You don't see stuff like this every day
 The shower's gonna be fun
 Can't risk my brain bro
 Not so fresh anymore
 I got a mannequin. My roommates are going to LOVE it.
 Forgot to mention which pillow
 Must be late for work
 Reconsidering every choice
 You've got to
 Roommate learned a valuable lesson today.
 Put in the effort
 My roommate is an a**hole.
 A random number sent me a pic of my roommate wasted with his pants pissed so I turned it into a coffee cup so he has to see it everyday
 So my roommate left a surprise for me in the fridge
 My roommate just said his fish tank "broke" and this is "just for a day"
 Whoever filled this precious ice cream container with ice.
 Now it Only belongs to me
 I hope the defrosting was done right
 The one who finds it gets to keep it as a prize
 Sniff it mofo
 He gets me so well I wanna cry
 This shall be fun
 Parties with my friends be like

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