17 Unexpected Movie Facts That Can Make You Watch Your Favorite Films Again

 When we re-watch our favorite movies, we always find something new. You can only catch the small details, that are sometimes the key to the entire plot, if you’re really paying attention. In this article, you’ll find out facts from the world of movies that might come as a complete surprise to you.

We have put together 17 facts from the world of movies which might make you want to watch a couple of your favorites again.
 Both actresses played the part of Sarah Connor: Lena Headey in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series, and Emilia Clarke in Terminator Genisys.
 Sean Connery acted as Harrison Ford’s father in the Indiana Jones movies. In reality, the difference between the actors’ ages is only 12 years.
 The famous words of Sonny Corleone ’badabing’ in The Godfather were actually James Caan’s improvisation.
 In both movies directed by Guillermo del Toro — Blade II and Hellboy II: The Golden Army — the main villains were played by Luke Goss. Both characters look as if they came from the same universe.
 In the director’s cut of Aliens, Ellen Ripley’s daughter was acted by Sigourney Weaver’s mother — Elizabeth Inglis.
 Carrie Henn who played Newt in Aliens is 42 years old now.
 The stomach and hand from the poster of American Beauty belong to American model Chloe Hunter and not to actress Mena Suvari.
 The prototype of the pit in The Dark Knight Rises is an ancient stepwell in Chand Baori.
 Disney refused to produce Back to the Future because they thought that the relationship between Marty and his mother would offend the audience.

 During the production of The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan was very much impressed with Tom Hardy, whose face was covered with a mask. After that the director decided that the actor just needed his eyes to be seen to deliver the character. That’s why, we can mostly only see only Tom’s eyes in Dunkirk.

In the last Bruce Lee movie, Game of Death, there is a scene when a villain changes blank bullets to actual ones to get rid of Bruce Lee’s character. In 1993, Bruce Lee’s son Brandon was shot by Michael Massee from a 44 caliber revolver during the production of The Crow. The real bullet in the barrel was unnoticed by the shooting crew and was released with a shot striking Lee in his stomach.
 There is a small after credits scene in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl with Barbossa’s monkey.

In the beginning, the part of the Predator in the movie with the same name was given to Jean-Claude Van Damme, but he left the project because (as he said) he “didn’t want to be a walking special effect.”
The decoration of the aliens’ nest in the Aliens movie was used in Tim Burton’s Batman as the factory Axis Chemicals, where Jack Nicholson’s character drops into a tub with acid and turns into the Joker.
In the final scene of Choke, Victor sits next to Chuck Palahniuk — the author of Choke, the novel.
Scary Movie was the work-in-progress name of Scream.

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