Illustrations Which Show The Brutally Honest Version Of Our World

 Pictures speak a lot louder than words, as we all know! Today, I've got some superb illustrations by Stephan Schmitz.

Schmitz, who is a conceptual award-winning illustrator based in Zürich, Switzerland, studied illustration at the Lucerne School of Art and Design. He loves to surprise his audience, and in a single image, he can tell a whole story through the use of his smart and attractive concepts.

Today, let us explore 16 of his illustrations that talk so much about the dual faced world we are all living in.

1. The road to success

 Money can buy anything and everything, this is not my statement, but this is what I've observed over the years. Money works everywhere for everything. And how ironic it has become now that if you have money, you automatically become 'successful' and not the other way round. 

2. Taste of science 

 This speaks volume about how unhealthy and dangerous is what is being sold and what we eat. Too many chemicals, too many health hazards. 

3. Human face of news 

 This is all the news we get, mostly. Terrorism, diseases, bloodshed, natural calamities, increasing poverty and amidst all this may be a hint of something better for humanity. 

4. Family 

 Trying to sew together the lives that have been split due to so many reasons; social media, work, stress, pressure, infidelity and so on. 

5. Internet fame 

 Aren't all of us trapped in this? The hype and the fame over social media? Putting up pictures and videos, just to gain acceptance, validation, and fame from people we don't even know!

6. The 'perfect' wife 

 The delusional world we live in and look forward to not having everything perfect but rather, flaunting it to the world that we have it all 'perfect' when we're not even close to what perfection means.

7. Layout of reality 

 Gone are the days when we went out and 'met' people or visited relatives, now all we do is 'text' them or contact them over social media. We're always living inside the same four walls and trying to reach out to the world. 

8. Clearing out

 Clearing out what we are, for becoming what the world would accept and appreciate. Running behind those who do not value us for who we are, yet, trying to seek acceptance and appreciation from them by changing ourselves. 

9. Look at me

 We're all pretending to be someone we are not! Behind the closed doors the online world, so many of us are faking our online identities, but for what? Ponder upon it.

10. Predetermined future

 This was the only thing left, altering the child growth while still a fetus and we're not far behind in that as well. We're trying to manipulate and make even an unborn child grow according to us, which is down right mean. 

11. Imaginary friends 

 Because we do not really have 'real' friends. You might have a thousand friends over Facebook and two thousand followers on Instagram, but who will be there when you need them in person, is the real question!

12. Unfinished work 

 At times, we get so fixated on our work, that we let go of everything else. The hunger for power, fame, and money drives us crazy to the extent that we regret later. 

13. Modern love

 The definition of love for our generation is 'broken'. Chatting all night long, going for romantic dates, being a part of each other's Instagram and Snapchat stories, having sex and then breaking up because it wasn't working out, is not love. There is so much more to it. So much. 

14.  Time is money 

 Given the cut throat competition and unreasonable expectations of the employers have made this world a harsh place to live in. Stress and depression have become a leading disability worldwide. 

15. Infedility 

 Infidelity has become so common that you won't even be surprised if you're cheated on, or you end up cheating on your partner. We are so lured towards new possibilities and experiences that we easily give up the permanent things for temporary ones. 

16. Killing loneliness

We're all trying to find someone who would stand by us, unconditionally and love us for who we are. In the process, we meet a lot of temporary people, neither we love or are loved back.

The artist's work has been recognized by The Society of Illustrators New York, American Illustration, Applied Arts Magazine and 3x3 Annual of Contemporary Illustration. In 2015, Creative Quarterly mentioned him as one of their top 25 Illustrators and most recently Lürzers Archive listed him as one of the 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 2016/17.

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