Holding Hand Gestures Reveal What Type Of Relationship You Share With Your Partner

 When we are in love, most of us love to hold hands of our partner. But, have you ever wondered what your hold could convey about your relationship? In fact, did you even know that the way you and your partner hold each other ’s could tell what is going on in the person’s mind? Well, all this is true and we can indeed find out some important things about our relationship by the way we hold hands of our partner. Not holding hands also reveals a big secret! Read on to know to find out what your particular hold says about you and your partner: 

One finger-hold

This type of hold means that you and your partner value your independence. You do feel that your partner is important to you, but you also respect each other’s privacy and space. It may also suggest that one or both the partners have started to feel that they may want to get back to their friendship stage, instead of being in a full-fledged relationship.

 When you hold hands with your palms facing downwards

When you hold hands of your partner with the palms facing downwards, it means that your relationship is actually based on affection and not passion. Whichever partner’s palm faces downward has a stronger personality than the other one. This person takes initiatives, as well as the decisions of the relationship.

 The interlocking of fingers

Holding hands in this manner symbolize that the couple has a very strong connection. You both share a very passionate relationship and are quite serious about each other

 Over-the Shoulder Hold

This type of holding-hand means that the person is very protective of his partner. The one whose hand comes on the shoulder of the other is just not afraid of showing the affection in public. This basically means that you both share an intimate, strong and a proud relationship.

 Hand wrapper

When one partner wraps the other person’s hand with his/her hand, it means that this person is overprotective. Though you share a strong bond with your partner, but you feel codependent at times. This tendency may need to be evaluated if you want a healthy relationship with your partner.

 Subtle touches

These kinds of subtle touches occur when you are mostly in a playful or a flirtatious mood. But, if your partner does this too often, then it means that this person is not serious about the relationship.

 Grabbing of the wrist

This is actually quite a confusing gesture. The person holding the wrist may look like aggressive and assertive, but it also means that they are passionate about the relationship. If the bottom half of your arms are getting interlocked though, it means that you share a passionate and intimate relationship.

 A firm grip

When your partner holds your hand in this manner, it shows that they are the dominant one in the relationship. They like to be in-charge of the relationship you both share.

 The double-hand hold

If your partner holds your hand in this manner just a few times, then it is fine. But, if this is the only way they hold hands, then it means that the other person is excessively possessive and obsessive about the relationship.

 Linked arms

When you prefer to link your arms instead of holding hands, it may signify that you are insecure in that relationship. By grabbing the arm, you try to seek protection from your partner.

 One hand on top

When suddenly, your partner places his/her one hand on yours, it means they are trying to tell you that they have got your back. This type of hand-holding means that the person is protective about you.

 The ‘My Lady’ hold

This kind of a gesture is seen mostly in wedding photographs. This hold suggests that you both of you share a healthy relationship. Your relationship is based on honor and trust and you both are possessive about each other.

 Not holding hands

If your partner doesn’t prefer to hold hands, then it may mean that he/she is not that into you. But, on the other hand, this may also signify their preference to keep the relationship private or they may just be shy. If you have any doubts, just talk it out with your partner, after noticing other things in your relationship.

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