Don't Throw Away These Sachets, They Could Be Extremely Useful To You

 Have you noticed those small tiny white bags placed in a new pair of shoes or even when you purchase a water flask? One little white sachet with what appears to be tiny stones inside will always be placed inside. Silica gel packs are placed in several products and are usually thrown away. But Stop!! The next time you come across a silica gel packs in any product; don’t throw them away as they could be of immense use to you. Here’s how.

The benefits of Silica gel packs are many as they contain silicon dioxide to absorb moisture and keep products dry. The same principle can also be used for various purposes.

Silica gel packs in towel cabinets prevents dampness

Keeping silica gel bags in towel cabinets can prevent dampness during rains.

 Prevent foggy car windows

Silica gel packs placed near your car windows prevents fogging of the car window.

 Drying out a phone

If you have accidentally dropped your phone in water, place them inside a silica gel pack to dry out.

 Preservation of old photos

Old photos deteriorate with time due to moisture. Keep 3 or 4 silica gel sachets in your box containing your precious photographs keeping them as good as new.

 Increase life of razor blades

The life of your razor blade can be prolonged if you keep it in a box along with a silica gel pack.

 Keep your PC dry

Among the benefits of silica gel packs, using them in computers are great for keeping the inside dry. In humid areas, desktop computers can easily pick up moisture creating problems for the ram or the PC operation. Place a silica gel pack inside the PC to dehumidify the PC cabinet and keep it dry.

 Prevent moisture and dampness in cupboards

Placing silica gel packs inside your wardrobe can prevent dampness which can make clothes moldy.

 Keep medicines dry

Another useful benefit of silica gel packs is to keep medicines from spoiling. Certain tablets in blister packs are prone to attract moisture and get all crumbly. Keeping a silica gel pack inside your medicine cabinet or box will prevent moisture.

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