Woman Accidentally Texts Wrong Number Asking For Advice On Dress, Ends Up Changing Man’s Life

 Twitter. It’s a funny thing. Sometimes, it’s most easily identifiable as the land of  Russian bots that are programmed to harass and threaten actual human beings. Others, it’s where people from all over the world gather together to do something pure and good. While the former is so awful, the latter makes it all seem worthwhile. People tend to think that connections made online are inherently false or ingenuine, but as one little boy and his family learned from a wrong-number text, human goodness permeates the platform.

It all started in the unlikeliest of ways: with a photo of a dress incorrectly sent to a father of six. A young woman named Syd was shopping for formal dresses when she had Mom snap a few photos to send to someone for their feedback. As you can see below, she looked super gorgeous!

 But much to everyone’s surprise, they put in the wrong phone number and the images were sent to a guy named Tony, who’s the father of a whole pack of little ones. Here’s what the kindhearted dad had to say.
 But that wasn’t all! He got some of the kiddos involved in a cute thumbs-up photo to let Syd know how much they loved the gown!
 For reasons you can probably guess, the post that Syd’s friend Mandi posted on Twitter went viral in no time at all.
 But somewhere along the way, one Twitter user did a little digging on the family in question. That’s when they came across a GoFundMe page for Kaizler, the second youngest of Tony’s children who was not in the thumbs-up photo. Sadly, the little one was suffering from leukemia and the family needed help paying medical bills.
 Eventually, word got back around to Dad, who tweeted this in response.

 As of this writing, over $16,000 has been raised for Kaizler’s treatment! Dad got a thumbs-up photo of this sweet little guy as well.

How amazing is that? With all the bad stuff we see online day in and day out, it’s things like this that would restore anyone’s faith in the kindness of the human spirit.

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