15 Smart People With Hilarious Solutions To Everyday Problems

 These questionably witty folks find clever ways to solve all sorts of issues.

1. Simple Solution

 These guys seem stupid but smart. On the one hand, what kind of an idiot loses the part of the blender that blends? But on the other, it hasn't stopped them from making smoothies, so who am I to judge?

2. Put In A Bind

 Who knew this tool had so many uses? While this is clever, I have to ask: why are they using their foot to hold the stack of papers down? Did they lose their other hand in the trial and error phase before coming to this method?

3. Honor Roll Of Shame

 How can you encourage students to study? By threatening them with public humiliation should they botch their test. This is a voluntary program, but seeing all the failure still motivates them to put in the extra effort.

4. I Won't Repeat Myself

 Whoever said "there are no stupid questions" obviously wasn't a teacher. Or maybe they were, I dunno. Either way, teachers get bombarded with the same stupid questions over and over and over again. This is a great way to save your time and breath.

5. Pimp My Ride

 Want a place to put your coffee but your cup holders are filled with loose change and assorted garbage? Here's a simple life hack anyone can do. Just be sure to have a towel and burn ointment nearby at all times.

6. Who Needs XM Radio?

 While you have that duct tape out for your cup holder, rip some off and you can install a new sound system. Imagine the looks on the faces of other motorists as you pull up next to them at stop lights, windows down, blasting tunes from this beast. ABBA will never sound so sweet.

7. Covered Parking Space

 "This guy parked like a total d**k. We're gonna have to work twice as hard now to take the dumpsters out and put them away."

"Well... we might not have to work that hard at putting them away."

8. For Sparkling, White, Greasy Teeth

 The world loves bacon for a number of reasons. What the world doesn't love are people with fatty pork breath. Whoever thought of this product is almost as evil as the person pulling this prank.

9. Chew On This

 You know how hurt you felt having your trust betrayed like this? That's probably how she felt. You should probably call your wife what she really is: a maniacal genius.

10. Modern Art

 Fixing up your home can be difficult and expensive. But when you're a little creative, destruction can easily be transformed into a DIY project. This artwork will last forever, or at least until you learn how to re-patch drywall.

11. Mobile Grill

 Redneck solutions may seem stupid, but they're actually genius. This person was able to grab meat and a grill from the grocery store in one trip. And they wound up saving a ton of money, assuming there's no fine for stealing carts.

12. Shredded Abs

 When you ask this guy how he got his stomach so cut, he'll say, "With a razor." You can't argue with results, I suppose. Some say you can't have abs and drink a case of beer a day, but this guy proves you can indeed have both.

13. The Dream Works

 Who needs a ladder when you have teamwork? Of course, a ladder is a little more reliable and preferable when your landscaping with a tool that could cause grievous bodily harm. But when you've got a friend by your side, you can accomplish anything, even a trip to the emergency room.

14. Your Wish Is Granted... Maybe

 "Normally I wouldn't dignify such a passive-aggressive note. But they did say 'please' twice. Guess I'll have a literal yard sale where everything is 100% off."

15. Oh, Okay Then

"Is there anything under me? Why would you ask such a thing? Look at my face. Don't I look like a good boy that deserves all the cuddles?"

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