How can you make money on the beach?

How can you make money on the beach?

Do you need a job but want to be on the beach? Maybe you can combine the two and earn some money while you enjoy the time at the beach.

Often there are jobs available to order at beach bars and cafes. They will have a high turnover of people, so if you are prepared to work, you will have a job throughout the summer.

There are also other more entrepreneurial ways to look too. I have listed just a few, take a look and see if any of these appeals to you.

1. Sell cold water on the beach

How many times have you been on the beach and just dying for a drink of water or a soda? You should have brought more, but you did not, and the line at the drinks counter is so long that you could die of thirst waiting to be served. But wait, here comes someone with an ice box full of drinks.

Imagine the happy customers you might have when providing this service. If you think it is not possible to do this and make a profit, let's do the calculations.

I just saw a pack of 48 8 oz bottles of bottled water at Sam's Club for $ 5.88.

$ 5.88 ÷ 48 = 0.1225 or 12 ¢ per bottle.

We will assume that your parents (roommate, wife, etc.) will allow you to use your refrigerator / freezer to cool them down. If not, you will need to consider an ice pack.

What would you pay for a bottle of ice water on the beach? $ 1.00? $ 1.50?

2. Rent umbrellas and beach shelters

You can rent parasols or beach shelters depending on the beach you are on. Often families, in their enthusiasm for reaching the beach, do not realize that they can be sitting under the scorching sun without shade for hours.

This is where your market is, since you can have a selection of umbrellas to rent for a day. You can do it in two ways:

  • Adopt the proactive approach. If you are not asked about them, go to the people and ask them if they would like to rent one. If you have a business card, you will feel that it is a professional business and, as such, you will be more likely to rent one. The people who will approach first will be those with small children or elderly members of the family. They will be more likely to rent one, as this allows them to stay on the beach longer without cooking closer and dear, like a piece of bacon in a hot pan.
  • Have an area set up to rent them and let clients come to you. If you can rent a beach cabin to use as an ideal base, even offering a VW bus with logos would be great.
  • You will want to check in advance if you need any type of license or permission to do this. Some cities are stricter than others, but do not get discouraged with the idea of ​​having to fill out forms to start your summer business. Start early before the season starts.

3. Beach bar or coffee jobs

This is an obvious choice. The beach bars always look for well-presented and extroverted people. Often, a bar will be frequented not only by its location but also by its staff. If you can cheer up a crowd, while being educated and serving drinks quickly and accurately, you will do well in this type of work.

Some of these will be selling drinks, waiting at tables or working in the kitchen. Outside the bars, often, there are extroverted people who promote business. This can pay quite well and often work at night and you can spend the day at the beach.

4. Teach surfing, kite surfing or windsurfing

Surfing, kite surfing or windsurfing well enough to teach it? Examine the qualifications, if any, in your area that allow you to do this. Or alternatively, organize a private lesson with friends who want to improve their technique.

This is a skill you could use not only in the summer where you currently live, but also around the world. You could travel, teach and navigate to the content of your heart.

This is something that we see many people doing where we live in Brazil.

5. Sell paperback books

Often people go to the beach for the day and in their haste to pack they forget their summer reading. Or they may not want to expose their electronic readers to salt air and sand. This is where it comes in If you have a selection of used pocket books, you can sell them to people who want more than sand and sea.

These can be purchased from library sales, garage sales or even used books. Having a good selection in an easy-to-push cart or in a large suitcase will bring them together in search of something to read.

Also, consider coloring books and crayons for children. These can be just a few leaves and pencils or crayons that come back at the end of the day. This could be done on a donation basis.

6. Who wants a HareBurger?

Rafael Marqués da Silva Krás Borges began selling his vegetarian burgers, called HareBurgers, on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. He became famous for claiming that his hamburgers were the best in the galaxy. Below is a fun ad about their burgers. Now he has opened a vegetarian restaurant in Rio that sells his famous burgers and more.

Depending on where you live, you may or may not need permission to sell food on the beach. Check with your local council for clarification on the laws in this regard.

Where I live, there are often people who sell cooked shrimp and other food products that walk from person to person on the beach.

7. Become a lifesaver

Anyone who has seen Baywatch or other similar programs will know that there are worse jobs than having to be a lifesaver. If this is something that appeals to you, there are courses you can take to become a lifesaver. The pay is between $ 8 and $ 20 per hour, depending on where you are and when you are not working on the beach, there are indoor pools that will also need lifeguards.

8. Sell ice cream on the beach

You may have seen people walking on the beach with an isolated cart that sells ice cream. They buy it wholesale and take it to the beach. Touching a bell alerts beach lovers of your presence. If not, you can always shout "Ice cream, bring your ice cream here".

As in the example of the water cooled above, there are people who will pay for convenience. Address those people with children.

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