Source: Prince William and Kate Expected to Become King and Queen «Much Sooner» Than Planned

Prince William stayed strong and thankful during tough times. At a charity dinner on February 7, he said thanks for the kind messages he got. This was his first official work after his wife Kate Middleton had surgery and his dad King Charles got diagnosed with cancer. He was at an event for London’s Air Ambulance Charity and even made a joke, saying, «It’s fair to say the past few weeks have had a rather ‘medical’ focus, so I thought I’d come to an air ambulance function to get away from it all!»

Looking at how William handled everything, a source said, «The queen would be so proud of how well he’s managed to compartmentalize everything and prioritize his duties to the crown.»

William has done a great job juggling taking care of others, his charity work, and doing some of his dad’s royal duties. King Charles himself praised William for stepping up during this tough time and being capable of handling his responsibilities.

As King Charles deals with his cancer battle, talks are happening in the palace about the possibility of a power transition. «Charles can’t help but consider stepping down instead,» a source said, hinting that William and Kate might become king and queen ’’much sooner’’ than expected.

Despite not knowing what will happen, William has taken on more responsibilities. He’s working closely with Charles’ aides and is central to palace affairs. Princess Anne is helping out too, taking on many engagements. William moving from big events to daily royal duties is a big change, as pointed out by royal historian Ed Owens.

At the same time, Kate, while still recovering, is getting ready to resume her royal duties by April. As their schedules get busier, William and Kate will be spending more time in London, adjusting to their new routine.

There have been quiet talks in the palace about succession plans, with a focus on keeping the coronation ceremony simpler. «William and Kate don’t want all the traditional pomp and circumstance that makes them seem out of touch,» said the source. Instead, they prefer a more modest event, showing their dedication to a monarchy that’s easier for people to relate to.

Camilla has been a strong supporter of Charles during this transition, encouraging him to embrace a peaceful retirement. «She’s urged him to let it go and enjoy their golden years,» said the source.

Despite his health challenges, Charles is proud of his son’s readiness to take on more responsibilities in serving the crown.

Before these recent events unfolded, there was news about Kate Middleton having surgery and choosing private healthcare. People wondered why she wasn’t seen at public events or engagements during that time.

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