Tesla Driver Shares Shocking First Electric Bill In 12 Months And People Are Left In Disbelief

The internet is buzzing with disbelief over how little a man spent on electricity for his Tesla over an entire year.

Given the hefty price tag of Tesla cars, you might think it costs a fortune to keep them running.

With electric cars becoming more popular and electricity prices on the rise, people are curious about the real cost of owning one.

This curiosity peaked on X, previously known as Twitter, when a Tesla owner shared his annual electric bill.

The amount he paid was unexpectedly low, leaving people amazed.

Running a car on petrol or diesel isn’t cheap, but what about an electric car from Elon Musk’s lineup?

This Tesla owner posted, "First time I have had a bill within the last 12 months. This sucks."

But he was just being sarcastic – his bill for the entire year was a mere $2.37.

Yes, really.

That's far from the hundreds of dollars you might expect to spend monthly on charging an electric car.

So, how did he manage to spend so little?

It turns out that the owner had a Tesla Powerwall installed.

This large battery integrates with the home's power supply and is particularly useful for those with solar panels.

It stores excess energy generated by the solar panels, which can then be used to charge the car.

However, Tesla Powerwalls aren't cheap.

According to Forbes, they start at around $11,500 and can go up to $15,000.

But if you're planning to keep your Tesla for several years, this investment might even out over time, potentially making it a cost-effective option in the long run.

The post sparked humorous reactions in the comments, with one person joking: "Damn my dude post a GoFundMe the community will rally around you I’m sure."

Another commented: "That's horrible. My condolences."

Tesla has been in the news again recently with the release of their latest model, the Cybertruck, which is garnering attention worldwide.

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