50 Cats That Will Surely Give You A Good Laugh

When you really dive into the world of cat memes, you'll notice they're mostly about capturing those quirky, unpredictable things cats do. It's these funny and often bizarre behaviors that have made cats internet celebrities. People love to label cats as jerks or just plain weird, but honestly, that's part of their charm. Just take a look at the photos below, and you'll see exactly what we mean - cats just being their wonderfully strange selves.

1. Truly The Perfect Camouflage!

2. My Pillow Was Lumpy And Made A Noise

3. Queen Size

4. This Cat Angrily Protecting Its Trunk Full Of Watermelons

5. I Fell Asleep On The Couch And Woke Up With This Cat On My Lap. I Have Three Cats, But This Isn’t One Of Them

6. This Is An Emergency

7. I Adopted A Cat To Try To Bring More Stability In My Life … Looks Like She’s Only Going To Bring More Chaos. This Is After 2 Hours Of Getting Her

8. I’ve Been Taken Hostage. Send Help

9. The Way My Cat Sits Sometimes

10. I Can Hear The Ocean

11. This Filing Bin Comes With Additional Security Measures

12. I Called My Wife To Ask Her If The Cat Liked His New Toy. She Sent Me This

13. I Found This Weird Cat And Duck Society Near A Library, It Confused Me But Was Also Really Cute

14. Please Enjoy These Pictures Of My Cat Hugging His Emotional Support Pringles Can

15. I Regret This Toy

16. Seems Unimpressed

17. My Cat Showed Up At My House Like This Today. Apparently, We Have A Cat Lover In Our Street

18. He Keeps Bringing Me My Keys From My Pants In The Other Room (Am Wearing Pajamas), Help

19. I Am Away For The Week And Our Pet Sitter Sent Me This

20. Draw Me Like One Of Your French Criminals

21. Recently Discovered My Cats Prefer To Sleep Behind My Gaming Husband Rather Than With Me In Bed

22. My Husband Plays This Game He Calls “King Of The Cats” Where He Tries To Hold All 3 Of Our Boys At Once… Today He Was Successful

23. Little Pea And His Single Dad

24. I Normally Feed Him At 5:30am. It Was 5:35am And I Was Still In Bed So I Got This Look

25. Paloma Was Busted For Being Illegally Smol (1.3 Lbs)

26. Is The Suitcase Too Small

27. Well That’s Not Standard Auto Engine Equipment. Found This Guy In My Engine Compartment

28. She Makes Me Giggle Every Time She Sploots - Look At Those Feets

29. I Interrupted Their Meeting. What Are They Plotting?

30. You May Ask Doom One Question

31. Someone Got In There…and Got Mad She Couldn’t Get Out

32. Left This Idiot Home Alone For Five Minutes

33. A Photo Of The Guy Who Barfed On Me At 4am While I Was Dead Asleep

34. So Apparently In My Absence My Husband Has Hung Cat-Level Wall Art. So Sophisticated!

35. In Prison For Tiny Crimes (Actually Just A Vaccination Appointment, But Beans Let Her Thoughts Be Known)

36. I Don’t Have Kids So I Threw My Kitty A Birthday Party

37. My Outdoor Stray Cats Look Like My Indoor House Cats’ Stand-Ins

38. Badger Didn't Come When I Called Him, So I Went To Investigate. Turns Out He Has No Paws!

39. I Doordashed Dunkin Donuts For My Nephew And I. This Was The Drop-Off Photo

40. They Act Like They Don’t Have 4 Litter Boxes

41. When I First Got My Little Guy He Was So Tiny And Fell Asleep On My Hand

42. I Was Told To Try Aluminum Foil

43. Returned Home To Find That Tim Had Found The Catnip Drawer…

44. He’s Been Getting Into The Plant So I Had To Take Drastic Measures

45. Well, What Do You Do?

46. Don't Climb The Headboard? Look Up At Me Hooman, I Am Your God..

47. Leaving For Work? Without Feeding Me?!

48. Ever Just Part Your Cat?

49. Small Apartment Two Kittens = Two Kitties Politely Pooping In One Litter Box

50. How Do I Get Waterproof Lipstick Off My Cat??

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