42 Times People Thought They Met Celebrities And It's Hilarious

Some folks have a striking resemblance to celebrities, and there are two ways to handle it. You could either burst the bubble and tell people you're not really Tom Cruise or Jake Gyllenhaal, disappointing those eager fans. Or, you could just roll with it, play along, and enjoy the moment when someone comes up to you all starry-eyed, showering you with praise for 'your' work. That's definitely the more entertaining option.

The individuals below (including some real celebs) chose to embrace their celebrity lookalike status, making many people's day by letting them believe they've just met their idols. Scroll down and see if you'd be fooled by these doppelgängers too!

1. Matt Or Mark?

2. The Flight Attendant Thought She Met Snoop Dogg During Her Flight

3. Here's Me Before A Hugh Laurie Concert, With Some Guy Who's Not Hugh Laurie

4. Morgan Freeman

5. Someone Pretended To Be Tom Cruise In A Small Chicken Shop In North Eastern Thailand And Is Remembered There Forever

6. Wow, What Are The Odds Of Finding Robert Downy Jr. In A Small Texas Mall?

7. Hate To Break It To Ya Buddy

8. 3 Years Ago, Happy Drunk, I Thought I Met Jake Gyllenhaal… I'm Now 90% Sure I Didn't

9. That Ain't Drake

10. A Homeless Man Convinced Me He Was George RR Martin

I figured it out like a week later when he was still there with his 'agent' and his trolley. i had to walk past him everyday for a couple weeks and i avoided eye contact with him because it was too embarrassing on my part.

11. Peter Dinklage Bought Us Drinks!

12. She Thought She Met Tyler The Creator

13. That's Not Him Sweetie

14. My Friend's Special Bachelorette Party Guest: Morgan Freeman

15. Been A Year Today Since She Thought She Met Ed Sheeran

16. Went To My Local Pub. Two Cute Girls Insisted I Was Andy Samberg. Kept Taking Selfies With Me. Bartender Took This. Best Photo Of Me Ever

17. Just Chatting It Up With Rod Stewart Himself

18. Ran Into Chris Pratt

19. My Dad Thought He Met Will Smith At The World Cup

20. Johnny Depp Got A Free Hot Dog

21. Friend Thought He Met Bono At Dreamforce In 2013

22. Not Me

23. Yikes, Bill Murray Isn't Looking Too Good

24. Oprah Winfrey Was On A Flight

25. Met Peter Dinklage In Vegas

26. I Spent An Hour Convincing My Friend (Kick Ass) That We Did Not Meet Johnny Depp

27. Not Ryan Gosling. Actually Printed In A Magazine

28. It's Common... To Mistake Somebody For Somebody Else

29. Sometimes You Gotta Go Back... To Figure Out Who You Weren't Really Drinking With

30. Meeting Rihanna

31. That Ain't Me Bro



32. A Friend Of Mine Thought She Had Met Zach Galifianakis

33. Life Complete

34. Girl From My Facebook Feed Swore She Met Macklemore

35. Former President Bush

36. That's Not Niall Horan

37. Um... That's... Not Me

38. She Met Maklemore. I'm Not Going To Be The One To Tell Her

39. Just Met Zach Galifianakis

40. Drake - Or Not Lol

41. Breaking Bad's Hank

42. That Time I Thought I Met Lenny Kravitz At Coachella...

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