Dubai Millionaire’s Wife Complains About Life With A Man Who ‘Loves Treating Her And Buying Things All The Time’

A lot of people dream about being married to a millionaire, but one woman who achieved that dream has claimed it's not always as good as it seems.

She says that her husband's fondness for purchasing and pampering her does help to some extent.

TikTok user Soudi, living in Dubai with her wealthy husband Jamal, has attracted over a million followers by sharing videos about her life.

In it, she talks about why she makes TikToks despite being 'so rich', and her life as a millionaire's wife.

In the video, she praises Dubai for its '10/10' safety and weather, enjoying the freedom to dress as she likes without worry.

Though Dubai's tourism website states that 'all attires are generally acceptable', it advises dressing 'conservatively' in historical and cultural areas.

Soudi says she makes TikToks because she enjoys sharing her life with her audience, and she has the time as she doesn't work a full-time job.

Credit: Tiktok/@soudiofarabia

She acknowledges there are difficult aspects of being married to a millionaire, likening it to a 9-5 job.

"Being a millionaire's wife is quite literally a full-time job," Soudi remarks.

She adds, "I really don't think that I could ever work a full-time job in my life. That's okay because everyone's different."

"I'd quite literally rather cry in my Lamborghini than cry on the bus."

Credit: Tiktok/@soudiofarabia

Soudi tells her viewers that being a millionaire's wife is 'actually really hard', mainly due to 'cultural expectations' from Jamal and his family.

"There are so many misconceptions, but I guess I'm just used to it by now," she says.

Despite criticism and negativity from online trolls, Soudi emphasizes that her primary concern is making her husband happy.

“Having to look ten out of ten for my husband is very important to me," she notes, adding, "I really can't help it that Jamal just loves buying me things and loves treating me. Honestly, it's just the Arab-Muslim way."
@soudiofarabia If im so rich why do i make tiktoks? 🤔 #millionaire #fyp #dubai #ksa ♬ original sound - Soudi🇬🇧 & Jamal🇦🇪

Soudi has also talked about other 'exhausting requirements’ of being a millionaire’s wife, including wearing painful 'diamond encrusted' shoes, the expectation to 'spend as much money as possible', and always being ready to eat Michelin-starred food.

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