Precious Daily Life Soap Hacks That Are Absolute Life Savers

Something as common as a bar of soap needs no new introduction. The history of soap dates back to ancient times and it has always been considered as an important part of hygienic products. But it seems like soaps can be multifunctional and there use is not just limited to a simple hygienic product. Here are some of the best soaps hacks mentioned. Go through these and pick the one that is most useful for you. And of course, you can thank us later!

#1 Keeping soap bars in shoes is an ideal way to refresh them

To freshen your shoes from the stale smell, putting soap bars in each shoe is the most simple and perhaps the most useful hack. You can keep the soap overnight in the shoes and if you want a better effect, repeat it 2-4 times a week.

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#2 Soap is very useful when you have a stuck zip

Are you running out of patience because of the stuck zip in your jacket? Well, don't worry as we have got you covered here. Take a soap bar and rub it alongside the zip from the backside to smoothen it, now try to remove the zipper gently without putting too much effort.

#3 An ideal lubricant to fix squeaking doors

You can fix those annoying squeaky drawers and doors with just one bar of soap. Sounds magical, right? Just rub soap on the hinges of doors and on drawer edges and save yourself from hearing those unpleasant squeaky sounds.

#4 Oil and soap mixture to repel insects from plants

The best way to keep your plants protected is to mix a quarter cup of liquid soap with a full cup of any vegetable oil. Shake the mixture well. Use 4 cups of water to 1 tbsp of this concentrate, put it in a spray bottle, and apply this solution to your plants once a week.

#5 A natural remedy for mosquito bites

You can relieve the itching of mosquito bites by rubbing dampened soap to the affected area.

#6 Keep nails neat and clean with a soap bar

While doing any physical work, it is very easy to get dirt under your nails and it can be very frustrating to remove it. If you want to avoid this, just scrape a bar of wet soap with your fingernails before you start working. This way the soap will stay under your nails and prevent the dirt from getting in there.

#7 Bar of soap to keep clothes fresh and clean

A bar of soap will act as a natural freshener if you wrap it in a light piece of clothing and keep it in your clothes drawer or cupboard. The soap will absorb any unpleasant smell.

#8 Pick broken glass pieces with a soap bar

If you don't have a vacuum cleaner available then this safe hack can help you clean up shattered glass pieces without getting hurt. The hack is as simple as just rubbing wet soap bar where the glass pieces are. And don't forget to discard the soap later.

#9 Prevent foggy mirror with soap

Just take a soap bar and rub the dry soap over the mirror. Remember the soap should be dry. And don’t add water! Just remove any marks with a dry cloth that doesn’t leave any lint behind.

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