Fun Food Facts That Will Probably Shock You

These food-related facts might come as a surprise to you but I promise you they are legit. Some of them are pretty unbelievable I will agree but they are all true. Check them out.

#1 And you thought it was healthy.

Just because it's a salad doesn't make it healthy. This loaded Caesar salad from McDonald's will do more to clog your arteries than even the dreaded Big Mac. Yikes!

#2 You can definitely see why.

If you've ever thought that avocado's resembled a certain set of male organs you wouldn't be the only one. The word itself means testicle.

#3 Back when a gentleman's handshake actually meant something.

Long ago when two people wanted to agree on something they would shake hands and that would be that. No contracts or craziness of that nature. It was an agreement such as this that lead to McDonald's only offering Coke products. Now you know.

#4 Love is not an ingredient!

According to the FDA, love is not a real ingredient and foods cannot be made with it. Sorry, grandma.

#5 I never knew this one.

Apparently, there are tons of different kinds of bananas and most Americans only ever eat the common ones found in our grocery stores. I now want to find some vanilla ice cream bananas.

#6 Holy carbohydrates, Batman!

I love pizza and garlic bread just as much as the next person but this seems like a bit of overkill. This pizza is pretty cool in concept but it's probably a health nightmare lol.

#7 Don't toss that peel!

The skin of an apple is where a good portion of the good dietary nutrients lie. Peeling it off is basically robbing the apple of half of what makes it good for you.

#8 Just eat the whole thing.

Remember this fact the next time you go to peel a sticker off of your fruit. It's completely edible. It just probably doesn't taste very good.

#9 How about no thank you?

I like whiskey just as much as the next person but I think I will pass on diabetic pee whiskey. That just sounds disgusting.

#10 Get down and dirty!

Who knew that in Japan where everything seems so prim and proper that behaviors such as these are actually acceptable. I don't think I could handle it because the sound of someone smacking loudly is just a major irritant for me.

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