Beloved Christmas Movie Titles With Foreign Translations Are Absolutely Hilarious

Illustrator James Chapman loves to explore foreign languages, often with hilarious results. Just check out these super funny illustrations of classic Christmas movies with their foreign title translated into English.

#1 In Italy, "Home Alone" Becomes "Mom, I Missed The Plane!"

Really? Tell us more....

#2 In Germany, "It's A Wonderful Life" Becomes "Is This Life Not Wonderful?"

No, not really, it's so-so, but not 'WONDERFUL' I mean, Mr Potter just took all of our money.

#3 In Spain, "Die Hard" is known as "The Glass Jungle"

We have no idea so don't ask why. Maybe because of all the glass windows on the building? Who knows... they only went to see it for the tons of guns and Bruce Willis.

#4 In Russia, "Frozen" Is Called "Cold Heart"... It Figures. Russia!

Always with their propaganda...

#5 In France, "Christmas Vacation" Is Named "The Tree Has The Balls".

So it's a male tree, right? It has ALL the BALLS! WTF?? Come on France, that doesn't even have any thing to do with the Griswald vacation!

#6 In Denmark, "Jingle All The Way" Is Known As "Mission: Christmas Present".

LOL.. I think they have two movies mixed together here. It's a Christmas Story, not a spy movie. Tom Cruise got the credit for this one!

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