This X Page Is Dedicated To Major Mistakes, Here Are 50 That Deserve To Be There The Most

Making a mistake is a completely human thing. From small blunders that go unnoticed to bigger miscalculations that cost a whole day’s work, it happens to everybody every day. Some of those we easily forget; some take a while to get over.

The mistakes documented in the list below are not ones you can easily leave behind. That’s because, firstly, they make quite an impression with their silliness. Secondly, many of them are either permanent or would require some serious effort to fix them. In other words, it’s not that easy to just brush them off as they’re always in your face.

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The testament to the idea that mistakes are very common is the amount of them we have experienced throughout history. Some instances could even take us back hundreds if not thousands of years.

One of the most famous mistakes is the crash of the Titanic. A moonless night paired with an unexpected obstacle caused the loss of 1,514 people. However, as more people are continuing to look into the matter, more mistakes are being found.


Louise Patten, a writer and granddaughter of Titanic second officer Charles Lightoller, once revealed that the steersman of Titanic made a huge mistake when trying to avoid disaster. In a snap decision, he turned the wrong way when the crew identified the iceberg ahead.

You see, the steering systems in steel boats work in the opposite way compared to sailboats. This, together with the fact that this massive ship was going very fast, made the collision unavoidable.




Another major mistake that resulted in a wreckage of a vessel that, fortunately, didn’t take any lives happened in 1999. Mars Climate Orbiter was a robotic space probe that was designed by NASA to study the red planet. However, it didn’t succeed in its mission. That is because the company that made the spacecraft, Lockheed Martin, used US customary units while building it even though NASA used the metric system designing it. The silly mistake caused the orbiter to get too close to the planet and, subsequently, destroyed.






Apparently, he came back to his (messy?) London lab after his summer holiday and noticed that one of the discarded petri dishes with staphylococcus bacteria had mold in it. The thing that made him curious was the fact that the mold was surrounded by “juice” that protected it from bacteria. He, together with a group of other scientists, started looking into it and soon enough discovered penicillin.




Another medical discovery that could be called a lucky accident is, of course, Viagra. Pfizer scientists were looking for medication to treat high blood pressure and angina, chest pain related to coronary heart disease.



During the trials, the scientists noticed that a common side effect of the drug was increased erections. Once the chance of the drug working as heart medicine was out of the window, Pfizer pursued a patent for erectile dysfunction medication that soon took the world by storm.




There are also mistakes that haven’t had such a huge impact on society, but definitely ruined people’s lives. Like the mistake of not checking whether you’ve won the lottery after buying the same numbers for weeks. That is what happened to one British couple who failed to claim their 3,011,065-pound (3,755,114 US dollars) win on time.




The mistake is, certainly, unfortunate. The man had already made plans of ditching his job and traveling the world with money he didn’t yet have. Once it became clear that he would not be getting it, he felt like it had been “taken away” from him. He became obsessed with the lost millions and went into multiple legal battles over them. Soon, his marriage crumbled and he joined a religious cult.




Mistakes are often called “the human factor” because they are inevitable. Some of them are serious. Others simply make us cringe as we’re trying to fall asleep. We hope the images from this list will not haunt you at night. Instead, maybe they can act as a reminder to pay a little more attention when you’re working.
























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