Elephants Get Revenge On Hunter After One Of Herd Is Shot Dea*

Some trophy hunter shot and killed one of the elephants in a herd from really close. But then, something totally mind-blowing went down.

There's a disturbing video making the rounds, showing a group of elephants fiercely responding to a troubling situation.

The two men brought down the elephant with three shots(Picture: CEN)

Two hunters tried to confront these elephants in Namibia, but things went terribly wrong for them.

The elephants, clearly unhappy with the encounter, fought back intensely. It's quite a crazy and astonishing video to watch, to be honest.

Two guys can be seen carefully aiming at elephants in a disturbing scene. One of them says, "Hit it between the eyes." They aim and start shooting.

At least one shot hits an elephant bull, causing it to fall. The rest of the elephant group reacts quickly and furiously to the shocking sight by charging at the hunters.

This upsetting event was taped years ago but has recently been shared on social media again. Corné Kruger, who lives in Namibia and hunts big game, talked about the situation in 2018, pointing out how sensitive elephant shooting is in Namibia.

He stressed that it was done in a legal and viable way.

He said: "There is a small quota of elephants in the area and we only hunt two elephants a year."

Kruger also claimed that hunting was financially beneficial to the area and provided jobs for locals.

"We employ 12 people from the community, some of them as game guards," he said.

"The funds go to conservation and fund anti-poaching units."

By the way, Born Free, this charity that's all about helping animals and stuff, they're totally hating on 'trophy hunting'.

Responding to the footage, Born Free's President and Co-Founder, Will Travers, said:

"To try and classify this kind of shameful violence as 'sport', or to claim it has anything to do with wildlife conservation, is completely without justification.

But they were forced to turn and run when the herd launched a counter-attack(Picture: CEN)

"Trophy hunting, the killing of wild animals for 'fun' by a small, wealthy elite, is increasingly rejected by the great majority of caring individuals."

"It deprives the world of some of its most iconic animals by a tiny number of people who have lost their moral compass.

"I fail to see any skill, courage, achievement, excitement, enjoyment or purpose in these activities, and the fact that predominantly wealthy westerners choose to spend their money in this way by killing innocent animals, and ruining the lives of countless more, profoundly saddens me."

He added:

"Trophy hunting is an outdated relic of a colonial-era obsession for killing wildlife for sport. It has no place in modern society, and certainly no role to play in any compassionate conservation programme."

They hit the bull twice causing it to stumble to the ground(Picture: CEN)

"Wildlife managers need to recognise that every animal counts, and to find ways of funding conservation that do not involve more killing.

"If trophy hunters truly wished to support conservation they would put down the gun and join those of us working to find real, responsible and sustainable, compassionate solutions to our conservation challenges."

In South Africa's Kruger National Park alone, a total of 58 elephants were poached between January 1 and August 31, 2018.

According to the World Wide Fund for Nature, there are approximately 415,000 African elephants in the wild, sharply declining due to the international ivory trade.

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