Artist Makes Comics About His Relationship With His Wife That Most Couples Will Probably Relate To

The relationship between two people who love each other can result in sweet and quirky comics. This is true for Jason and Ymei, a couple from Malaysia, who are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their brand, J&Y Productions.

What started as cute drawings from Jason to Ymei during their long-distance relationship, now known as The Potato Couple comics, resonate with more than 600K people worldwide.

So, if you are not yet familiar with their work, scroll down below and if you would like to explore Jason's previous work on Bored Panda, see it here.


We reached out to Jason to learn more about their comics. The story of how The Potato Couple started is truly heartwarming. However, we were curious to know the origin of the name. Jason explained: “The initial name of our brand is J&Y Productions, which we started 10 years ago (yes, 2023 is the 10th year anniversary of this brand!). In 2015, when we finally got the chance to publish our first book, we needed a simple, catchy, and relatable title. So we came out with 'The Potato Couple'. Well, there are 2 lame explanations for this weird name:

a. A potato has a mild and slightly sweet taste. Hence, it symbolizes love, which is supposed to be innocent and slightly sweet (not too much sweetness as that would cause diabetes)

b. A potato is a good source of carbohydrates, which could mean that love is always full of energy. So innocent, slightly sweet, and… Full of energy. I bet you get it~”


The Potato Couple comics are known for capturing the everyday moments and emotions in a relationship. Jason shared how they decide which moments to illustrate, and if all of them are drawn from personal experiences.“80% of the stories are based on real life, and some are exaggerated to give the story a sense of humor. This helps convey messages more effectively. We have to be very observant of our everyday happenings, and we always keep a notepad or our note-taking app closely with us all the time. Whenever we see something interesting, or an 'Aha!' moment appears, we will immediately write them down and then further evaluate if it can be a good comic.”



No creative work comes without obstacles; therefore, we asked Jason to share some of the biggest challenges that he has faced.“Writer's block, and social media algorithm. Writer's block will happen from time to time, so I have to always reset my mind, and find peace, and ideas will come. Resting more, going out for a vacation, and studying more content can help eliminate this syndrome.

And for the social media algorithm that is changing more frequently than ever, it’s definitely a challenge. I always have this saying in my head that goes 'When my content goes viral, I don’t know why. And when I think my content can go viral but it didn’t, I also don’t know why,'” wrote Jason.


The Potato Couple comics often resonate with readers on a deep emotional level. We asked Jason to share some of the most memorable reactions or messages they’ve received from the fans.“We received DMs from fans saying that our comics saved their relationship. There’s another one who said she gave up hurting herself after reading our comics. All of them come from different parts of the world. What an honor to have this superpower to be able to 'save' people with a few panels of cartoons,” cheerfully replied Jason.



For all aspiring artists who want to share their unique perspectives and stories with the world, especially in the digital age, Jason shared his advice: “Go ahead and create your content and post it. The best time to post your content was yesterday. So just POST IT. At the same time, never stop learning from other creators. Only by studying what makes other people successful, only then you are able to find a clue about what the social media algorithm is like. Go out and build a fan base, nurture it, and grow together. It will be an unforgettable experience.”



























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