These Disturbing Photos Sent Tingles Down Our Spine

There are people out there on the internet who thrive on the weird, the creepy, the unsettling, and the random. You can find everything uncanny online, from computer-generated imagery to natural artifacts and simple human oddities. The images are horrifically captivating and probably best viewed during the day, with the lights on and a cuddly puppy on your lap for support. If you have neither of these things, we encourage you to proceed with caution. But if you’re curious nonetheless, continue scrolling...

Guess They're Not Afraid of Sharks
It’s clear that whoever chose the movie for this pool-party movie theatre experience has a wicked sense of humor or simply likes to see people splashing for their lives. Jaws has sent the world reeling in conventional theatres and given sharks a bad rep, but this takes immersion into the cult classic to a whole new level. However, the atmosphere looks pretty relaxed. In fact, many of us might look at this arrangement and think it’s a fun, novel idea.

However, we can’t help but suspect that more than one person will be glancing nervously at the water's surface. One thing's for sure: surprise-splash attacks will not be welcome while this movie is taking its course.

We Really Don’t See Eye to Eye
Do you ever think about how others might see the world differently from you? Popular theories include that we might see colors in an entirely different way. However, astigmatism is an imperfection in the eye's curvature that blurs the vision. This original poster was so good to enlighten us about what it might look like in a photograph. The results are almost pretty and definitely impressive if you turn a blind eye to the fact that such dazzling lights might not make for the safest nighttime drivers.

And if the comments on this post are anything to go by, the issue might be more common than you thought. Try not to think about that next time you’re out on the highway at night!

War Never Changes, But People Do
The image of this young soldier’s transformation after four years of service in the Second World War is a haunting one. The bright-eyed, energetic gentleman aged far more than four years in that harrowing time. Heavy rings mark his eyes, his brow is wrinkled, and his cheeks are gaunt. Photographs like these are incredibly unsettling because they present a juxtaposition - that which is alongside that which should not be.

In this case, a young man should not appear so old and withered when we can still see the youth beneath it all. Four years spent chiefly in a concentration camp sadly stripped all that away.

It Devours
This oddly grown lemon evokes a whole range of conflicting emotions. With some commenters humorously naming the yellow sensation “Pac Lemon,” it’s easy to see the lighter side. But, on the other hand, there is something oddly terrifying about one fruit so hungrily enveloping another. We personally wouldn't welcome this particular lemon, even if it is to make lemonade. Cannibalism springs to mind, giving this grotesque citrus a volatile appearance.

Suppose we ever face a nuclear fallout, and radiation creates sentience in plants. In that case, this is one candidate we wouldn't like to face off against. That said, where there are lemons, there’s always gin, vodka, and a whole entourage of potential cocktails to be mixed!

Nightmare Fuel
Who knew a single image could quickly turn you off from such a fun and popular internet trend? Face swaps are harmless amusements until something like this comes along. This is absolutely nothing flattering about this snarling dog’s features superimposed on this girl’s face. Neither is the odd smugness lent to the dog in exchange. The results of this photo manipulation are something right out of a nightmare - it's truly terrifying!

We really could not say which one wears the toothy snarl better. Thoughts? Either way, rather than calling for a veterinarian, we’re thinking a ring to the exorcist may be better.

Mahatma Gandhi Is Back With A Vengeance
According to the web, a prankster added these glowing red lights to the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in San Francisco back in 2019. Unfortunately, the results aren't so much fun as they are terrifying. Gandhi was humbling in many ways before, but his new look evokes more of a kneel-and-beg-for-your-life vibe. This statue definitely looks like a villain stepping out of a big-screen Marvel movie with its deathly red glare.

We think that the billowing smoke (or is that murky fog?) that acts as the backdrop to this image of Gandhi only adds to its imposing and apocalyptic feel, right?

Bee Prepared For This Unsettling Statue
The world has become an inhospitable place for too many bees, and in this image, they seem about ready to fight back. With the head of this statue encased in a beehive-shaped like a heavy helmet, this figure has morphed into the stuff of nightmares, especially if you don’t like the sound of bees buzzing. However, it's hard to imagine those bees didn’t know what they were doing in creating such striking imagery.

Terrifying as it is oddly beautiful, the photograph helps us to have greater respect for nature and the significant contribution bees make to our environment. That said, we’ll still be keeping a polite distance of a few miles away from this bee's nest!

Who's There?
Abandoned buildings are haunting in their own right, even without mysterious lights appearing in their windows. Their derelict, skeletal frames are like echoes of the past. Of course, that's if those echoes were distorted and took on a low, threatening voice. So it’s no wonder that scary stories are ripe in such buildings. Whoever was so “lucky” to photograph a stray light in the distant, abandoned hospital might have fuelled a new urban legend.

Perhaps it’s a trick of the light, or particularly adventurous teenagers exploring after they should be tucked up in bed. Either way, this desolate concrete block evokes nothing but ideas of harrowing tales.

Thanks, We Hate It
Full marks and credit to the artist here for their imagination. There's no denying that this particular costumist possesses a unique and impressive skill. The skill to terrify and disturb that is. By seamlessly masking his face in a monstrous mutation of revolting-looking fungi and mold, the Halloween costume successfully paints a haunting picture of death! However, if this character appeared on our doorstep on Halloween, we wouldn’t take the time to ask “Trick or Treat.”

Instead, we think our fight or flight instincts would take over, and we’d slam the door and run! Just look at the nose, the teeth, the distorted skin - everything about this costume is horrifying!

Do Not Be Afraid
Speculations about what angelic beings really look like have been rife for many years now. When they appear in the bible, angels always have to preface their appearance before mortals with an ominous warning: Do not be afraid or Fear Not. So it begs the question, how terrifying do these divine creatures actually look? In answer to this question, the artist who created these images tried to recreate biblically accurate angels.

The results are uncanny, oddly beautiful, and present something truly out of this world. That said, perhaps when praying for an angel, we should be careful what we wish for.

Bird Marathon
Our planet never ceases in its wonders, though some are more terrifying than others. Most of us are accustomed to birds looking a certain way, which makes these birds with their long, feathered legs and wings like bulky arms all the more troubling. The resulting images have a unique appeal, ranging from dorky, fluffy owls to dragon-like beasts. We are especially taken with the last picture of the ass-kicking bird.

Amusing as these images are, they simply look kind of wrong. Most birds are meant to fly - and with these bulky feathers and muscular structures, it's hard to imagine how these birds would ever make it into the air!

The Black Crack in Utah
If you suffer from vertigo, you probably won’t dare to approach this 65-foot-deep fissure in Utah like these brave hikers are doing. Nevertheless, there's something uniquely terrifying about this black scar marking the earth’s surface. Found along a trail in the Canyonlands National Park, those that fall would surely never come out again. Needless to say, it’s all too easy to allow ourselves to imagine that a blackness like this leads somewhere else entirely.

The world splitting in half like that is a vision from a dystopian tale, made all too realistic by this example. It’s terrifying to think this crevasse isn't the only one. Moral of the story: when you're out there in the wilderness, be careful where you step!

Lights Out In Chicago
When the Sears Tower in Chicago had a blackout, people definitely took notice. The 108-story, 1,450-foot skyscraper is a massive landmark in the Windy City. But when the lights went out, leaving only two windows illuminated like eyes and the crown-like spire above them, the building came to resemble something somewhat more sinister. To us, it looks like an ominous Lego movie villain keeping a silent, terrifying vigil over the city.

The once-in-a-lifetime observation is funny and, at the same time, vaguely threatening. Do you dare to stare back? Draw your curtains? Or run in the opposite direction? After all, who walks towards trouble, right?

A Visit From the Victorian Beyond
This original poster admits to waking up terrified one night to see a Victorian ghost floating at the end of their bed. However, after a few minutes, they soon realized they were just looking at the clothes hanging on their door. This particular bathrobe, towel, and coat arrangement are more ominous than most. That said, we doubt we would have fared much better if we saw this sinister silhouette in the darkness.

Our top tip here is if you want better Feng Shui and sleep soundly at night, maybe avoid having anything hanging from doors, chairs, and walls. Also, keep those creepy porcelain dolls locked in the attic…

Every Fossil Tells A Story
Something is disconcerting about this image of a 280 million-year-old fossil discovered in Western Australia. It's so unsettling to look at! Photographed by botanist and geologist Tom Kapitany, the large and visually arresting fossil encapsulates the long bodies of sea creatures with misshapen heads and multiple tentacles. This one image is a timely reminder of how old the earth is and reminds us that sea creatures such as these have been around a long time.

In fact, animals like these have been around for much longer than we mere humans have. Interesting, right? It's just a shame we can't look at this picture for too long without getting the shivers!

Maybe Chamber Pots Weren’t So Bad
Although the thought of using a chamber pot seems archaic and gross - at least it's difficult for a lizard to make its way into a chamberpot and surprise you from below. The idea that something might be coming up to bite you on the butt while you go about your business is a terrifying one. Unfortunately, this nightmare almost became a reality for this British Tourist filming a Monitor Lizard in Thailand. Although, in fairness to the lizard, it does look a bit confused about its whereabouts.

It looks like it simply took the wrong turn somewhere. Whether it intended this atrocious invasion or not, it might be a while for the original poster to feel safe on their toilet seat again.

A Face Only a Mother Could Love
Pet owners are a proud bunch. They're constantly telling stories about their pups and kittens, sharing images of their latest antics on social media. Typically, we respond with comments brimming with positive emojis and rush to share those cute images with our friends. Not so here. Our reaction to this particular photograph is a little different. This little angel doesn’t look all too angelic in this unflattering image. Instead, we think this dog resembles the snarling hounds guarding the gates of hell.

We’re dearly hoping this particular dog was simply looking for their soft dragon toy that's lying around on the ground there - and that this pup didn’t scare this proud pooch owner to hell and back!

Headlights From Hell
Thanks to their reflective eyes, we’ve all seen pictures of cats looking like creepy spotlights. Unsurprisingly, this same effect is greatly enhanced when the creature is a giant bear. This original poster was innocently playing video games when they turned because they heard a sound to their left. To their surprise, they were greeted by this sight outside their door. It’s enough to make even the toughest gamer leap from their couch in fright.

Perhaps this uninvited guest was a concerned neighbor politely asking the original poster to keep the noise down. Let's just hope the person who took this image had all of their doors and windows locked!

When You Can’t Scratch An Itch
This startling and unsettling image of a hand without fingernails had us studying it with some concentration and skepticism. However, this really is a thing. It’s a medical condition called anonychia congenita. Or, in other words, the absence of fingernails and/or toenails from birth. We are trying to imagine what a life without nails is like. No nail polish, for sure, but also less agility and difficulty in gripping things.

Having nails isn't particular to humans, so they’re not necessarily what differentiates us from animals. But, what happens when you have an itch you're dying to scratch? Or you need to peel a sticker off from something?

Imagine Running Into This Guy at Night
While it is contested whether these images are authentic or part of a model of what this experiment might have looked like, the results are oddly terrifying. In 2014, scientists in Finland tested reflective spray on 100 reindeer to potentially help them and drivers navigate the road. The hope was this would reduce road accidents. Needless to say, we’d rather see these creepy glowing antlers than accidentally harm a beautiful animal.

We’re just wondering whether the result of this experiment was a ton of freaked-out motorists. Perhaps they were convinced they had just come across a mythical forest creature? Especially if they were driving home after a long day!

What Expecting Triplets Looks Like
This image was recently uploaded onto Reddit alongside a caption describing that this woman was pregnant with triplets. We think it’s a miracle this expectant mother can still stand, let alone smile! Her “bump” looks more like a giant watermelon than three babies. So it’s unsurprising that many commentators, especially female ones, might be somewhat horrified by this image. We can only imagine how tough this lady’s pregnancy must be!

Some have also likened her bump to a marrow - which although seems a tad harsh, we have to admit we can see the resemblance! That said, we hope all three babies were born safe and well.

Are You Feeling Hollow Inside?
It's safe to say this phantom-like statue in Italy certainly is. The figure isn't the only of its kind at Vezio’s Castle in northern Italy. Its empty shell provokes feelings of loneliness and terror. The statue looks like a haunted spirit searching for meaning in this idyllic countryside. Yet, with the peaceful and beautiful backdrop, the image has a certain air of calm restfulness that contradicts the statue's terrifying silhouette.

During the day, this is a sight worth seeing. However, at night, when you don’t know what to expect going up these stairs, we'll give this site a hard pass.

A Collapsed Iris
We all know the saying, the one that goes, “the eye is the window to the soul.” But we are unsure whether this applies here. This image is of a collapsed iris. Published in the New England Journal of Medicine, this guy’s eye injury was caused by a rubber bungee cord that hit him where it hurt. All he was doing was trying to strap things to his bike!

Ouch! But, happily, the injured man in question was able to have corrective surgery. It successfully restored his eye shape and improved his vision, which was impaired by this unfortunate accident.

Time to Restart the Apartment Search
This original poster found this many-legged creature in their home while living in Japan. This alien-like beast is called a house centipede. This cute name gives us the impression it’s a friendly critter. Perhaps one you could adopt as a house pet and chat to when you get lonely? But unfortunately, this creepy crawler’s appearance is reminiscent of something you would see in a horror movie - or in our nightmares!

We’re betting that it’s an astonishingly fast mover too! Perhaps some get used to creatures like this? Maybe they eventually become part of the furniture? But if it was us, it would be safe to say we would be out apartment hunting the next day!

Lightning Bringing The Thunder
It can be tricky driving at night. Visibility can be poor, journeys can feel like they’re taking an age, and you might encounter stray or wild animals on the road. But, in this case, we have something a whole lot worse. This motorist must have had the shock of their lives when lightning lit up the night sky only to reveal they were driving towards a swirling and terrifying-looking tornado!

We think that’s more than a little unsettling, don’t you? We hope this motorist had time to press on the gas pedal and drive in the opposite direction- and fast!

The Blue Screen of Death and Terror
Bluescreens are deeply unsettling to anyone who has experienced them and felt the dread that their trusty computer might be abandoning them soon. For this poster, the experience was made much, much worse by the freeze-frame of a webcam appearing in the corner. While the person depicted on the screen doesn’t evoke terror, it begs a few frightening questions about privacy and security. However, we now know it was just a YouTube ad freezing on the blue screen.

Despite that, this image is enough to make anyone update their anti-virus software and quickly slam their laptop screen shut! Let's just hope that the poster managed to fix whatever was wrong with their computer.

A Good Upstanding Citizen?
Here’s an image of a big-eyed, upstanding little goat. Depending on whether you think this kind of image is cute or not, we’re betting most of us find this goat and its steady stare somewhat unsettling. Some might think this goat has a charming innocence about it. But, not us. Maybe it’s our overactive imagination at work here. Still, we think those big, dark round eyes have a deadness about them, don’t you think?

That said, perhaps if the little fellow approached us during the daytime and not out of the shadows of the blackest night, we might be up for a chat after all!

Caught Between The Cracks
This unsettling and upsetting image displays the remains of a caribou found in Greenland. We’re guessing that this must have been an awful way to go. It looks like this poor reindeer got stuck and held in place by its antlers. Sadly this unfortunate animal’s last moments are immortalized by its remains. Unfortunately, it seems like the skeleton is hanging in the same place where it had no chance of escaping.

Unsettling as it may be, this image serves as a timely reminder to always avoid cracks like this one. So, be super careful when we’re out and about on adventurous hikes.

Nope, Nope, Nope
This picture is enough to put you off driving for life. Unfortunately, this happens when giant spiders seek somewhere warm and cozy to rest their weary legs. The result? They decide to use the handle on your car door. So if you thought you were having a bad day, keep your eyes feasted on this image a little longer, and you’ll soon realize that the owner of this vehicle is having a much worse one than you.

Imagine if the OP had put their hand into their car door handle without realizing what was there. We hope this car owner had a massive stick they could use to gently dislodge this unfriendly creature.

Humans As Bats
This single image raises so many unsettling questions for us. For starters, why would anyone wear this monstrosity of a costume? Then, how is the cute baby seems strangely OK in its presence? This little one appears innocently unaware of how troubling the costume looks. We think this 3D effect bat morph costume with its lifelike face and pointy ears is best suited to Halloween celebrations - and even then, we're not sure!

On a more positive note, let’s celebrate that children don’t judge even the most gruesome or unsettling of appearances. In this instance, the love between the siblings clearly shines through!

They’re Coming For Us
This poor, stranded fish gives the appearance of an amphibian evolving into a land creature. This fish definitely seems out of its depth (yes, pun intended!) - it’s boldly standing on the ice, supported by its fins. It’s easy to imagine this big fish coming toward us. Fun fact: so-called walking fish exist, including the epaulet shark, mudskippers, and walking catfish. We’re unsure of the species here but agree it’s an unsettling image.

Not least because of the size of this creature. So if you're scared of fish, it's time to avert your gaze now and quickly scroll past to our next unsettling image of the day.

Why Throwing Away Halloween Lanterns Is A Good Idea
So we’ve all seen Jack O Lanterns used to decorate homes and gardens for Halloween. However, what we may not have seen before is what happens when lanterns are left outside for too long. Unfortunately, mold starts to grow on the inside. In this instance, it looks like some sort of creature has nestled in there and now can’t get out, or someone has stuffed a furry cushion inside for a joke. But no. It’s mold.

Now you’ve stopped the ew and ewwwws; we think it’s time to throw this lantern in the trash. We’d also recommend doing so while wearing gloves, a mask, and spraying air freshener.

Not All Cats Are Cute
This original poster took to Twitter to share this image, captioned, “A reminder that your floofy cat's adorable toe beans look like this without fur. You are welcome”. For those not in the know, this is actually a Sphinx cat, known for its hairlessness. They’re definitely an acquired taste, and in our case, we’re working super hard to forget like we haven’t seen this unsettling image of this cat’s paw reaching out to us.

However, one person’s horror and insomnia are another person’s awww's and their idea of 'lovely' and 'cute'. This just proves there's room in this world for all sorts of creatures and tastes.

Things You Don’t Expect To See In A Graveyard
Yes, this is precisely what it looks like. It’s a baby vampire doll. Uploaded onto YouTube in 2018, it’s earned more than half a million views and counting. This isn’t some kind of joke left by kids messing around at the cemetery. It’s the Samantha sculpted by Donna RuBert and brought to life by artist Julia Lane. She made this creepy doll with staring eyes and comes complete with dog fangs for teeth.

We’re guessing anyone who came to this graveyard to pay their last respects to their dearly departed got more than they bargained for when they came across this unsettling creation.

Another Way to Commune With Nature
We think this image is beautiful. However, we can also see how it might unsettle some people too. While some of us would love to sleep in this unusual and luxurious-looking woodland retreat, others would spend the night on full alert, waiting for bears, snakes, and other creatures to creep up to one of these many windows. Imagine listening out for every nighttime sound - each creak of a tree, bird call, rustle of leaves - you get the idea!

Our verdict? We’d go for it, but maybe just for the one night, and only if we had company. Also chocolate, wine, a big torch, a mobile phone, and emergency flares.

Why Going Up In The Attic Is Always A Bad Idea
This original poster shared this image of his girlfriend’s loft. His girlfriend, who only moved into this home three months ago, says she’s never been up there. So he goes up there and sees this. His name is Nick. Yep. Plus, the pentangle. This has many associations. In Judaism, it represented justice, mercy, and wisdom. But in ancient Greece and today, the five-pointed stars are also a symbol of faith by Satanists, pagans, and Wicca.

Depending on which way you lean, we can see why this person was unsettled by this image and hope his girlfriend was having a great big joke at his expense. Otherwise: way creepy.

Is It Time To Dial 911?
This is what someone found in the basement of their new home. Weird, right? At first glance, our imagination was on fire. Thoughts of cops screeching to a halt outside this person's house, creepy true crime dramas, and other unsettling thoughts. This ball and chain, a shiny new padlock, and the ankle restraint would put the creepers on us. But as you’ve probably gathered, we’re of a somewhat sensitive disposition.

However, we put all that to one side upon closer inspection of this image. The conclusion is that this is probably a leftover fancy dress accessory or Halloween-style costume. What do you guys think?

The Future Is Here
This image first appeared in 2021. It was taken at the SpaceX facility in Boca Chica, Texas. We always suspected that what you see here would happen: robots in place of the real thing. In this instance, it’s a robot dog being used to guard the Starbase rocket prototype tests site. The Elon Musk-owned facility used two such robot dogs to protect the area. There’s definitely something dystopian about this creepy bleached-out image.

But, as unsettling as this image is, we think it's probably a taste of what may follow if Musk’s vision comes true: finding a human settlement on Mars. The bottom line: real-life dogs are way cuter than robot ones!

Is This For Real?
These two images were taken several years apart. The one on the left appeared in 2016 and attracted a lot of online attention. Whereas the one on the right was taken around 1992 by Scott Gardner, a photographer with the Hamilton Spectator. The latter was of a frog discovered by two children in Ontario, Canada. There’s much speculation about the cause of this frog’s appearance. Some say it’s a genetic mutation, while others say that some frogs retract their eyes to help them swallow when they eat.

A little research tells us that it’s likely that both explanations are valid, and the unsettling nature of these images lingers. We guess it’s one way a frog can watch one way to watch what you eat!

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