Huge and Imposing Objects That Will Bring Out the Megalophobia in Anyone

Have you ever heard of megalophobia? We'll fill you in if you haven't: it's an intense fear of enormous things. We're talking anything from cruise ships, tall buildings, huge sculptures to unbelievably large animals and other contributions from Mother Nature. But whether you have megalophobia or not, these magnificent images showing mega-large objects are sure to give you goosebumps. Keep scrolling -- if you dare.

That's Not a Dinosaur Fossil

We all know that whales are gigantic; in fact, they are among the world's largest animals. It's sometimes tough to tell how huge they are. This image manages to turn this fact into a reality, though it’s quite scary. The whale bones are certainly a little too huge for the dog to bring home! And what if someone gets stumbled by these at night? Humans should stay respectful towards such enormous creatures.

So if you had any doubt about how big a whale can get, these huge whale bones have pretty much answered that uncertainty.

We Wouldn't Dare Get so Close

Some people might find strangely huge items fascinating, while others get the shivers just thinking about them. This photo is a reminder of how massive these supercarriers are. The largest ships in the world can carry up to 24,000 containers and reportedly measure over 61 meters at their widest point. We recall the Suez Canal debacle, when the cargo ship blocked Egypt's river for about a week, causing shipping traffic turmoil. It made us all realize just how large ships are.

When completely loaded, the ship is roughly 1092 feet (333 meters) long and weighs approximately 97,000 tonnes (87,997 metric tonnes). Even more bizarre is the fact that a large portion of the ship is submerged. When it's out of the water and parked, it must be huge and more terrifying.

Introducing the One and Only Mola Mola

The ocean sunfish, also known as the Mola Mola, is the world's largest and heaviest bony fish. They can reach lengths of up to 11 feet (3.35 meters). The name "ocean sunfish" sounds a little too soft for this massive creature. It weighed 5071 pounds (2.3 metric tons). Sunfish can be as tall as they are long when their dorsal and ventral fins are extended. We are fortunate as Mola Mola loves to eat jellyfish, though they do occasionally consume other small fish and algae. Humans, thankfully, are not on the menu!

The meat of the ocean sunfish is regarded as a delicacy in several parts of the world, with Taiwan and Japan being the two biggest markets. Various parts of the fish are also used in traditional medicine. Despite their size, ocean sunfish are friendly and pose no threat to human divers. Sunfish injuries are uncommon, though there is a small risk of giant sunfish leaping out of the water onto boats.

Tiny Workers On Duty

We know that some ships are gigantic, actually so big that the equipment they require also has to be quite huge. And this picture is living proof! The tiny men in the photo look like toys, but they aren't. Sailors use these huge chains to anchor ships at sea. The huge vessel would float aimlessly without them. While we're grateful, that doesn't make these large chains any less frightening!

A ship must be tied to the land to remain in the water during the high waves. This is accomplished by tossing a large, heavy anchor tied to a long chain into the water and allowing it to sink to the ocean's depths. Of course, the chain had to be relatively heavy enough to sustain the ship's weight, but we had no idea it would be this massive.

Lorenzo Quinn And His Sculpted Arms

These hands coming from the sea have a disturbing yet enchanting appearance. Lorenzo Quinn, an Italian sculptor, made these as temporary sculptures in Venice. They were created to educate people about how Venice is vanishing as sea levels rise. There are probably less creepy-looking approaches to get the point across, but we appreciate the sculptor for spreading awareness on an important topic of climate change.

Although, to be honest, the only thing we can focus is on is the massive size of these hands. We can't imagine how terrified we'd be if we were forced to live there.

The Almighty Redwood

Redwood trees are nature’s skyscrapers! They can grow up to approximately 400 feet tall, so tall that one cannot see the top of redwood on a clear day, even if they’re standing right at the bottom of the trees. Similar to that woman who’s also trying to see the top. The woman and vehicle near the tree help put the tree's size into reality. Northern California, Washington, and Oregon are home to the largest trees on Earth.

We're not sure how this woman looks so calm by standing next to such a massive tree. This is surely not how we would feel! Many animals, including elk, deer, bobcats, and owls, live in these woodlands and call it their home.

A Big Truck Brother With His Little Sibling

This photo of a Haul truck accurately displays how huge these vehicles are. Just look at it next to the school bus! Suddenly, the bus looks minuscule. Even the trucks' tires are bigger than the bus itself! It has an entire flight of stairs. And that's after climbing a ladder to even get on the platform! It's intimidatingly huge. It makes the school bus look like it landed in the Land of the Giants.

A field trip to a mine would be wonderful, but seeing massive objects would give us a mini heart attack! A trip to the zoo will considerably be more tempting and less frightening!

Meet Crabzilla, A Giant Japanese Crab

It looks like a real-life monster. This picture of a Japanese Spider Crab is no less than a nightmare. They can reach a length of 3.7 meters (12 feet) and a weight of 44 pounds (19 kilograms). Overfishing has unfortunately resulted in the near extinction of this crab species. They can be found in a variety of Japanese restaurants. Although they are not hunters, Japanese spider crabs will eat nearly everything, including corpses.

According to experts, the crab is still growing, and by the time it reaches 100 years old, it might be 15 feet wide from claw to claw. Its head is currently so huge that it has been compared to a basketball.

You Won't Believe Where This Underground Tunnel System Is Located

Japan is well-known for being one of the most innovative countries in the world. And its flood water channeling system is one of their engineering marvels. This underground system of tunnels was built to keep Tokyo safe from flooding. The flood tunnels are a strong barrier against overflowing canals and rivers during the rainy season. Even though it isn't a true cathedral, the huge construction, arched roof, and massive poles give it the appearance of one.

People are always an excellent way to prove the size of something when put side-by-side, and this one takes the cake when anyone compares.

Say Hello to Brutus The Croc

Many of us may think that this image has been photoshopped. However, this is not the case. This is Brutus, a huge Australian crocodile. Brutus is almost 80 years old, and, due to his enormous size, he has become a local celebrity. This photograph accurately depicts his size pretty well. Crocodiles, as a group, existed before the dinosaurs. They are still around 65 million years later. It's not difficult to see why, given the magnitude of this beast. People have to be very cautious when swimming in the water. After seeing this, we might never take a bath in a lake or river in Australia.

The Adelaide River, in the Northern Territory of Australia, is home to some of the world's biggest crocodiles, with one measuring 20ft-long. According to sources, Brutus is currently the fifth-largest croc ever recorded, weighing a ton. After losing one of his arms in a fight with a bull shark, the beast is left with only three limbs.

Nyoirin Kannon’s Statue

Sendai Daikannon is a huge and tall statue that is officially known as the Sendai Tendou Byakue. It is a large statue of goddess Byakue Kannon bearing a gem in her hand and was built in 1991 as a symbol of peace and protection for Sendai, Japan. The statue is 100 meters (328 feet) tall, making it the second tallest Kannon statue in all of Japan. The statue is only the fifth largest in the world.

Can you imagine driving through this on your way to work every day? We wouldn’t do that! Its size can make anyone feel terrified. Any time we have our back turned to it, we bet we will feel someone is watching us. That would be an odd experience.

Hey Buddy, We’ll Hold Up That Bridge For You

Vietnam's Golden Bridge is a 150-meter-long bridge in the Bà Nà Hills resort, designed as though a giant's hands are gently supporting the path for pedestrians. While on a trip to Vietnam, one must want to check out the breathtaking Golden Bridge near Da Nang. It is designed to connect the cable car station with the gardens and provide a scenic overview. It has been a renowned tourist attraction for years. It was basically built to promote tourism in that area, and it indeed has attracted many tourists around the globe.

Anyone interested in seeing the Golden Bridge must take a cable car ride to the top. Look at the large building next to it on the left for a true comparison. It is, nonetheless, an aesthetically pleasing structure.

Just A Giant Sleeping Tree

So far, we've seen a lot of evidence of man's ability to build massive structures. But Mother Nature does it best. This massive tree was discovered on a beach. It was most likely thrown off a cliff and swept away by the waves. We would all feel like that tiny human, looking curiously at the tree trunk in the photo. We're just curious to know how old this tree is! By looking at its thickness and stem, it looks like it’s pretty old.

This photo appears to belong to a giant movie rather than La Push Beach in Washington. The beach is full of these massive trees.

Bagger 288, The World's Largest Land Vehicle

Bagger 288 is a bucket-wheel excavator or mobile strip-mining machine built by the German manufacturer Krupp for the energy and mining firm in Rheinbraun. The experts spent five years designing, manufacturing, and assembling the device, which cost a total of 100 million U.S. dollars. When it was finished in 1978, it was the world's heaviest land vehicle. Compared to the vehicle's massive edifice, the bulldozer next to it appears to be a toy.

The huge creation measures roughly 220 meters (721 feet). Take a look at how little the individuals in front are!

The Tornado Girl

Here is another image of Mother Nature's brute force. It's of a tornado that hit Nebraska's Furnas County in April 1989. Only a person with a death wish would be so bold enough to stand so close to something so big. Thousands of tornado photos and films have been taken, but none compared to this one! Most people would flee to their basements if they saw this. Despite this, Audra Thomas, a young girl, seemed secure enough to pose for a photo with the big storm behind her.

This terrifying tornado was recorded as an F1 on the Enhanced Fujita scale. This one was blowing at a speed of 86 to 110 miles per hour (138 to 177 kilometers per hour). We guess some people just need the thrill of nearly dying.

Just An Iceberg Casually Strolling By

Anyone who has thalassophobia (ocean phobia) should run away immediately. In this picture, a large iceberg drifts past a house in Greenland. The home at the front of the picture shows us the actual size of this thing in perspective. We wonder how magnificent it would be to experience a gliding iceberg out of nowhere! Imagine waking up one morning and being greeted by this iceberg.

What's the scariest part? This is merely the tip of the iceberg or the part that floats above the water's surface. The underwater portion of the iceberg is likely twice as large as this. We might not want to live in such a place.

Godzilla Returns

This is located in the world’s first theme park, based on one of the most iconic monster movies of all time, and is dedicated to everyone’s favorite Godzilla. Anyone brave enough can attempt to fly into a replica of Godzilla’s mouth, which recently opened in Japan. We'll have to pass on the opportunity. We have no idea why somebody would want to do that! But is anyone going on a vacation to Japan any time soon? They should visit it for a thrilling experience.

What's the terrifying part about it? This is just the second phase of the museum's opening in which anyone can do zip-lining into Goddamn Godzilla’s mouth. What horrors have they planned for phase three? It must be exciting to see.

His Toes Are Bigger Than the Average Human

The "Statue of Unity," a 600-foot (182-meter) tall sculpture in India, was completed in 2018. It is currently the world's largest statue. The Statue of Liberty appears to be a child as compared to this huge structure. One can imagine how huge it would be just by looking at the size of those tiny humans standing near the statue. When India gained independence from British rule, the architects created it to honor Vallabhbhai Patel, the country's first home minister.

Given the scale of this massive statue, there's no way the people there would be able to forget his services. Just take a good look at his feet! When statues are this big, it makes us feel worried about earthquakes or any other accident/event that could cause them to topple onto people!

Literally Living On The Edge

This image appears to be of a large hole in the earth at first glance. Quite edgy: Do we dare? No way! Actually, it's a diamond mine built as an open pit in Mirny, Russia. The village shown is encircled by a huge pit. We wouldn't want to play any game around this huge monstrous thing! This shows the sheer scale of an open-pit diamond mine compared to the surrounding town. We wonder what’s bigger, the mine or the town!

We can't imagine how terrible it must be to live so close to the edge of something so scary. But isn’t it dangerous as well? Imagine the scary sounds that this pit creates all the time, along with the sight that scares us enough!

That's Not Just Any Old Tornado

Does anyone know what’s scarier than a tornado? Yes, A water tornado, also known as a waterspout! This picture was taken by a daring photographer. Waterspouts are abundant in the Florida Keys and Florida's southeastern coast, especially during the rainy season. Because they are so far from the coastline, they normally do not cause too much trouble for people living there. Or maybe, they get used to it!

Sometimes, nature can be so terrifying. Tornadoes alone are frightening, but water tornadoes are worse of all. They beat all of the strange weather out there. Just by thinking that, we are getting chills. What will happen if we actually encounter one!

The Dragon's Eye Stone Mine

It looks like a scene out of Indiana Jones. The Dragon's eye stone mine was discovered at the Hall of Giants stone mine in Lancashire, England. It's easy to see how it got its name because it appears like something out of a fantasy novel. Imagine seeing this at work every day! Because it is protected by surrounding residents, the only method to get to the location is through a window on the ground floor.

Its specific location in Lancashire is still unknown, but that's not too bad because we would never want to get the opportunity to visit! Dragons sleep with their eyes open. We don't want to be standing there when that thing wakes up.

Look At That Tiny Human In Comparison

We might think this photo is from a fairytale because it resembles Rapunzel's tower. It's King Albert's Tower, located in Somerset, England. Take a look at the person at the bottom to get an idea of the size of this tower. The tower, which stands 50 meters (161 feet) tall triangular folly, was constructed in the early 1770s. It is constructed from over one million red bricks. It was built to honor King George III and commemorate the Seven Years' Wars against Germany. This is one celebration we would rather not be a part of.

This is how fantasy stories and fairytales are inspired! We wonder how it would look to stand at the top of the tower and look downwards; it must be frightening. Or, if someone doesn’t have a height phobia, they can enjoy the magnificent view of the city from the top.

Imagine Falling Down In That!

Just take a look at this underwater terror. Actually, it looks like a breathtaking painting. For the people with thalassophobia, here's another image! The underwater ‘waterfall’ is located in the island nation of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, and it is both beautiful and scary. It resembles a Salvador Dali picture rather than an actual location. There is what appears to be a waterfall submerged in the ocean itself. We will definitely not visit this island throughout our holiday.

It's fortunate that this image is an optical illusion, even though it appears to be extremely terrific. What we see as an underwater waterfall is formed by some salt and silt deposits. The water might be only a few meters deep and would be perfect for swimming (if someone wants to give it a shot).

Mr. Skeleton On Duty

There are plenty of questions we'd like to ask Home Depot about their massive skeleton. The most crucial question is, "Why?" We can't think of any sensible reasons for them to want to build such a monster. We're not sure we'd be grateful for this massive skeleton in a year packed with problems. However, it would make a fantastic Halloween decoration. Just think of driving with this massive skeleton on the automobile, as shown in the first image on the left. Imagine living in that neighborhood and being welcomed by a huge scary skeleton!

We are wondering how it would look at night. It might scare the neighbors, especially the kids! It’s almost the same size as a house. Maybe they have appointed him as their bodyguard as it will scare the thieves.

No Amount of Shoveling Can Shrink This
Amidst the towering red dunes, look at this photo of a sand dune in Namibia's Deadvlei. It's easy to understand why it's a popular site for photographers. The tallest dunes in the world are believed to be found in Deadvlei. The dunes at this Namibian location can reach a height of 400 meters (1312 feet). The largest of these dunes is known as "Big Daddy,” which reaches 350 meters or 1148 feet in length. The names are appropriate according to the area they have covered.

There is something a bit unsettling about how everything looks in this picture. As if it’s from another world. But it's very real!

Well Don't Just Stand There

Looking at the picture, it looks like a poster of some horror movie. However, it is genuine, and it is also very scary! The fog adds to the creepiness of the ship, making it appear as if we're only getting a peek of it, and it is going to disappear anytime soon. Ships are, without a doubt, terrifying. The Seawise Giant, which measured a stunning 458 meters, was the world's largest ship (1504 feet). The name is perfect! The Titanic would look like a dwarf in front of the Seawise Giant.

Many people find fog to be soothing. It does, however, give off a disturbing vibe too. Especially if anyone sees the ghostly fog on an abandoned beach and then a massive ship appears out of nowhere, they may want to turn around and never come back!

Must Be Abandoned For A Reason

Demon statue prop! The film studios normally don’t want to throw away props once they've finished a film. Making these items takes a lot of effort and money. Unfortunately, the studio behind Redwood did just that with this prop. If anyone doesn’t want to sleep at night, go to Maciejowa in Poland to see Emil Becker's Mausoleum and have a close look at this statue. We have no idea why someone would want to build something like this and then throw it away. This is the stuff that gives people nightmares!

Imagine exploring this place at night. Was it haunted, and now it’s placed there with open access to anyone who’s going to visit the Mausoleum? The picture of this creepy prop may make us want to sleep with the lights on tonight!

A Giant Flying Squid

We'd be horrified if we saw this gigantic object floating in the sky. Fortunately, this is only a squid-shaped kite that someone built. It does, however, resemble a Dementor from Harry Potter. It's easy to see why some people have megalophobia when they see such objects. Imagine seeing something like this floating above our homes, and we are clueless about what it is! We are wondering what has made them make such a weird kite!

Or maybe that's just the Flying Spaghetti Monster checking in. Well, on the other hand, it looks more like an Octopus with bulging eyes. We are wondering how it would look at night; it must be horrific.

The Salt Mountain

Take a trip to Romania's Slanic Prahova to see this gigantic salt mine that is buried around 200 meters (656 feet) underground. The ceiling alone is over 55 meters high (180 feet). Just remember not to lick the walls! The world's largest salt mine, measuring 2.7 square miles, is located in Ontario, Canada (if someone wants to visit). This one, however, is located in Romania and is a popular tourist destination because of its huge building structure.

As its second-biggest salt mine in Europe, the spectacular salt mountain is a unique natural reservation in the world. We can see small little objects in the bottom left corner. Those are humans who probably look like ants from far away. This photo appears to be strange, but it is indeed real.


When someone desperately needs a time-out from the entire humanity, they can go to space (until they realize it might just be the longest time-out of their life). Space flight is something that many of us can only fantasize about. However, looking at this image, it appears to be more of a nightmare. The astronaut in the picture is Bruce McCandless II. He is the first person in history to travel from his shuttle without being tethered. His spacesuit was the only thing that kept him alive. Well, we have no intention of breaking this world record.

It's unbearable to consider drifting alone in the darkness of space; it also needs guts and passion. This has caused our jaws to drop to the floor. Everyone's mind must be blown by the astronaut floating untethered above the Earth.

Mount Fuji And The Tiny Town

This photo appears as if it belongs in a sci-fi film, or it could have been edited. This mountain, however, is real. It is Mount Fuji in Japan (Japan's tallest mountain). Its highest point is 3,776 meters above sea level. It's difficult to comprehend not being in awe all of the time when you live so near to the mountain. Nonetheless, some Japanese people have triumphed over it! Visiting this city would be a fantastic adventure. However, we are not sure how long we will stay there.

If someone is acrophobic (height phobia), they should avoid this place. Looking at this massive natural wonder can give anyone shivers. Four small cities surround this mountain, and we can’t stop admiring this beautiful scenic view.

Oh Our SUN!

We might be mistaken for thinking that this is a picture of something under the microscope. That tiny black dot is the planet Mercury, right in front of the Sun. This just shows the scale of our star. The sun is actually 109 times wider than Earth. What part is the scariest? The sun is a relatively tiny star in space. There are some (or perhaps a lot) stars out there that are even bigger than our sun. In this illustration, several of them would make our sun look like Mercury!

This is one of the most magnificent yet terrifying images ever taken. In terms of size, the sun is a medium-sized star. There are lesser stars as well as big stars that can be 100 times larger. Such pictures make us wonder about the reality of life; it seems like we don’t stand anywhere.

Mother Nature In Anger

Has anyone ever seen a better picture of the power of the wind? Take a look at the wind turbines on the right, then take a look at the tornado on the left-hand side. What's worth noticing here is the size of a Tornado compared to the size of the wind turbines beside it. Wind turbines are typically around 280 feet (80 meters) tall. It's tempting to believe that humans are the most powerful force in the World, but images like this just serve to demonstrate how ruthless and severe Mother Nature can be.

We are nothing compared to Mother Nature. Whoever took this photo is more courageous than us.

Killer Kangaroo

Kangaroos are often depicted as charming, bouncy animals with a little pouch to keep their young safe. When we look at this picture, that doesn’t look that true! A massive kangaroo has been spotted in an Australian community. This kangaroo stands almost two meters tall (6.5 feet). Don't be afraid to see its size, though it looks like it's bigger than a man. The size of this beast is frightening enough, but the idea that it is roaming around the residents of this village is more terrifying, and that too with a torn ear. We'd be on the first train out if we lived there.

Nicknamed 'Big Buck,' the two-meter-tall animal is said to weigh up to 95 kilograms. Smaller kangaroos are said to be common in the suburb of North Lakes near Brisbane on Australia's east coast.

Tsunami-Like Mountain

At first, this image is a little hard to perceive. It appears to be a tsunami photograph, but it is a photograph of a massive mountain near Kazbegi, Georgia. The mountain rises to a height of over 5000 meters, or 5 kilometers. The image resembles a scene from the film 2012. Fortunately, this isn't a tsunami but a real mountain. Still, it's not very comforting. It looks like something between the ocean and the sky! Can we imagine being in that castle and seeing this view daily, especially if someone has megalophobia!

But on the other hand, just by looking at the image, it appears that we all desire to be mentally there, away from the daily grind and surrounded by a massive mountain that displays breathtaking beauty and calmness.

1980 Eruption of Mount St. Helen

Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980, broke multiple world records, and significantly impacted the global climate. It generated the world's greatest landslide and a 15-miles-high (80000-foot) ash cloud. It was an alarming phenomenon that shows the force of nature. It was also the deadliest volcanic outburst in US history, with 57 people killed. The eruption destroyed an area of 230 square miles. It destroyed everything in the vicinity. For more than nine hours, the eruption produced a towering ash storm.

But it's not all doom and gloom. Mount St. Helens' explosion is thought to have generated today's developments in cutting-edge volcanic science and monitoring this to keep an eye on future volcano eruptions.

The Empire State Building

It is one of America's and New York's most well-known monuments. It's a 102-story Art Deco skyscraper. The building stands a total of 1,454 feet tall, including its antenna. This photo of a skyscraper in New Jersey, on the other hand, makes it look a lot creepier because of its size. Try looking at the dollhouses below! What's more interesting is that it isn't the world's highest skyscraper. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is on the top. The Empire State Building is only about half that height! Amazing!

We wonder what living in the suburbs was like the first time this skyscraper was completed. Who would've known that there would be countless buildings like this all over half a century later? What’s unique about it is that it’s very tall and wide as compared to other skyscrapers. Even today, it’s still a little isolated from midtown.

Do You Know Where This Beauty Lies?

Scotland is famous for its gorgeous beauty and rolling hills. This peak, though, is more frightening than beautiful. This section of the Scottish Highlands is known as "Lochaber" and is known for its tranquility and breathtaking scenery. Fortunately, there is no Loch Ness Monster to be seen here; instead, there are numerous massive mountains. The image appears to be taken from the moon rather than on Earth. It's crazy to think that some individuals live so close by.

We must admire this stunning yet scary picture that was photographed beautifully. Mountains are always nostalgic. Everything looks small in front of these massive structures. We wonder if anyone brave enough would visit them at night!

Abandoned Yet Artistic Power Plant

The Orlando Power Station is located in Soweto Johannesburg. The construction began in 1935 and was completed in 1955 due to delays caused by the Second World War. It’s 100 meters high. At the very least, someone tried to brighten up this abandoned building by adding some color! The tower was used for a Fast Forward on the seventh season of The Amazing Race. The towers are also used for bungee and BASE jumping from a platform between the top of the two towers, as well as a bungee swing into one of the towers. BASE and bungee jumpers have made it a famous tourist destination.

We're not sure we'd ever be in the mood to try bungee jumping there. Nonetheless, the splendid artwork on these cooling towers must be admired.

Saturn Photobombs Moon!

Another image from outer space, this time of Saturn, which is covered behind our moon. Saturn, for comparison, is 20 times larger than the moon but is 3000 times farther away from us. And yet, it still appears to be this massive! In comparison to the rest of the cosmos, this image reveals how small and insignificant we are. If anyone travels to Jupiter, they'll observe storms that are roughly the same size as our planet. Well, who would want to do that!

It looks like Saturn is creeping up behind the moon. So close, yet so far away (in reality). This looks scary for some unknown reason. This picture can be proof of why some people have megalophobia!

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