More Than $600,000 Raised After Drunken Driver Killed Bride and Severely Injured Groom Moments After Their Wedding Reception

It’s been a week since the unfortunate tragedy and more than 4800 people have donated the money to the couple’s GoFundMe set up by the groom’s mother.

Samantha Miller, 34, wed Aric Hutchinson, 36, in an intimate wedding ceremony in South Carolina. After exchanging their vows, the couple celebrated their wedding day like any other newlyweds – they were excited and thrilled at their wedding cake and greeted all the guests.

However, to their bad luck, only five hours after saying, “I do,” Samantha, the bride, was hit by an alleged drunken driver identified as Komoroski, a 25-year-old female.
The couple was sitting in their golf cart at the time of the accident. They were about to leave their wedding reception when Komoroski, who was reportedly driving a Toyota rental car, hit the cart from the back that was carrying the newlyweds.

According to the GoFundMe page set up by the groom’s mother, “they were struck from behind by a drunk driver traveling 65 MPH in a 25 MPH zone. The golf cart was thrown over 100 yards and rolled several times.”

The bride, Samantha, died from her injuries, and her groom, Aric, is in critical condition in the hospital.

“Aric is in serious condition and has had one of two reconstruction surgeries, numerous broken bones, and a brain injury, he will have a long recovery.”
According to online court records, “The alleged drunk driver, Jamie Lee Komoroski, is charged with one count of reckless homicide and three counts of felony DUI resulting in great bodily harm.”

Police said Komoroski, 25, was left uninjured in the crash. The officers who arrested her could smell alcohol. However, she ‘strongly’ refused to admit that she was drunk and became uncooperative when asked to take a field sobriety test after the accident.

“She told first responders that she had had one beer and one tequila shot before the accident. When asked how she felt on a scale of 1 to 10 — with 10 being completely sober — Komoroski rated herself an 8,” WCIV reported.

After the tragedy, the bride’s mother, Lisa Miller, and sister, Mandi Jenkins, spoke to ABC4 and said the person responsible for the death of Samantha must be charged and punished.
“I’ve never seen the light in her eyes shine as bright as that day. At the beginning of the golf car ride she said that she wished the night could go on forever. It was the best night of their lives,” said Mandi Jenkins.

“I never thought it would happen to us and to my beautiful sister and all the 150 people that were there. That person made a careless mistake and it’s not a mistake it’s a life-changing event. She was unbelievably special and now she’s not here.”

Meanwhile, the mother, Lisa, told the news outlet that she saw lights and heard sirens after the ceremony when she was getting ready for bed. She texted Miller to check on Samantha but didn’t receive any reply.

“I got out of my truck with no shoes, running and screaming Sam. She literally ran into my daughter going 65mph. Sam and Aric were on the back of the golf cart – she basically just rammed my child,” she said.

“Aric has a very long physical journey ad a longer emotional journey. They couldn’t be more perfect for each other.”

The fundraiser will help pay for Samantha’s burial and Aric’s hospital bills where he is currently fighting for his life in the intensive care unit.

According to their GoFundMe description, ‘The couple made their home in both the groom’s home state of Utah and the state of South Carolina. The bride is from North Carolina. The groom graduated from Bonneville High School in South Ogden, Utah and played college football for Snow College and Utah Tech.’

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