2024 Beauty Trends You Need to Try If You Want to Make a Massive Transformation

Unbridled experimentation for self-expression this year is the biggest goal of the beauty industry. Whether it is the return of the retro style of the ’70s or the boldness of the ’90s, 2024 is a promising year for all those who want to make their stylish debut. So don’t be afraid to take risks. Keep reading to discover the trends you’ll either love or want to ditch.

1. Skinny eyebrows
The popular beauty trend of the ’90s is back, but this time with a funky twist. Like singer Doja Cat, transform the traditional thin brows into a unique design by adding drawings. Beauty has never been so much fun.

To inspire your next eyebrow transformation, you can take a look here to find out how your favorite celeb would rock that ’90s brow style.

2. Nose blush
If you’re looking to improve your contouring skills, this one is for you. The nose blush trend has been gaining popularity since last year, and it promises to gain strength in 2023. It consists of applying blush to the tip of the nose to give a sunburn-like appearance.

3. False eye bags
In the pursuit of glorifying natural beauty, false eye bags have become a trend on TikTok. By using purple, blue, and red eyeshadows, makeup junkies are faking eye bags to create a more natural and simple look.

And just as a reminder of how beautiful is the “no-makeup” makeup look, here you can find some celebs who embrace their natural features.

4. Smudged eyeliner
Leave it to Avril Lavigne to bring back this trend. Forget mastering the perfect mermaid eyes or cat eyes. The 2023 trend is smudged eyeliner, so you don’t need to be an eyeliner expert. The bolder, the better.

5. Retro hair flip
Retro glam is back, this time referencing decades like the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. The easiest way to achieve this and stay on-trend is with a dramatic hair flip. Add some volume to your ponytail and a sleek deep side part.

6. Lip wings
The objective of this trend is to obtain a lip volume effect using the lip liner. If you’re ready to achieve the Bratz look, all you need to do is pick your favorite dark brown pencil and begin to draw the corners of your mouth out and slightly up. Then, line your lips, connecting the lip liner to your drawn smile lines in a wing shape. Use a small brush to blend and finish with your favorite lip gloss.

7. Mullet hair
If what you are looking for is to give your hair a fresh and relaxed air, the mullet haircut is your must-do. This haircut has so many layers that it will do the job, making it look more textured and easy to style in the morning when you’re on the run. Just check out Jenna Ortega’s hair transformation here.

8. Coquette look
Doll makeup is a trend that will be strong in 2023. There are several ways to achieve this look, but our favorite includes lots of glitter. Use a very bright concealer, focus on achieving pouty lips, pearly finishes, rosy cheeks, and doe eyes.

9. Backward makeup
If you have ever wondered what the celebrity secret is to achieving a naturally sculpted face, here we have the answer. Kendall Jenner’s makeup artist revealed that the secret to a naturally sculpted look is reverse makeup. The technique is to start with the contour, then conceal, and then blend it all together with a small amount of foundation.

10. Baby bangs

If you want a massive makeover while still being trendy, this one is for you. Baby bangs are a bold way to make a statement and they will transport you back to the ’70s. You can go as short as you want and even add some ombré color to take this look to the next level.

And if a grunge baby bangs haircut isn’t enough for you, read more here about the beauty trends that only the bravest among us dare to try. You can thank us later.

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