The 14 Sleekest Minimalist Fashion Outfits We’ve Ever Seen

New trends boast the staying power of minimalism. Minimalist fashion isn’t just a passing fad—it represents an entire sartorial mindset. Minimalism is about paring down your closet to its basics, creating a capsule wardrobe full of essentials and pairing those go-to’s every which way until you have a whole host of easy outfits at your disposal. It’s fashion in its most efficient form: Your closet is there to compliment you, not to make a statement. 

Our collective affinity for minimalism hit full swing several years ago and it has remained unendingly strong ever since. I mean, I don’t think I’ll ever have too many pairs of fresh white sneakers in my wardrobe! And white T-shirts? They’re essential! Though maximalism has become popular in the street style and home decor spheres, it hasn’t thwarted minimalism’s overwhelming appeal. I will never not be down to style a few neutrals into a sleek, versatile ‘fit. 

The issue is: Appreciating minimalist fashion and integrating it into your day-to-day routine are two very, very different things. The latter actually requires effort! You have to Kondo the hell out of your closet, build that aforementioned capsule wardrobe and then come up with enough combinations to carry you through. And just when you think you’ve achieved the perfect low-key outfit situation, something—some event, some inspo pic, something—will make you realize you totally neglected to stock up on some basic pieces that are essential in your pared-down wardrobe. 

The best way to figure out what you need to shop for? Determining what you actually want to wear. And the easiest way to make that happen is to check out all the minimalist outfit inspiration you can get your hands on, which is exactly why I’ve assembled a visual guide to all of the best minimalist fashion outfits I’ve ever laid eyes on, courtesy of the ever-so-trendy fashion street style set. Read on to check out a few of my personal favorite ‘fits. 

A Denim Set

An easy way to get the effortlessly minimal look is by letting the matching set do the work for you.

A Single Pop of Color

This all-black outfit is super chic but the orange bag and red lipstick make the look.

Structured Detailing

Elevate a simple look by picking pieces with unique shapes. This blazer with a cut-out back is the perfect example.

A Basic Button-Down

Regardless of the season, a white button-down is the ultimate wardrobe staple and layering piece.

A Monochrome Look

Step up your athleisure and casual wear by wearing a look in just one shade.

Jeans and a Graphic T-Shirt

A winning combo that will never go out of style.

Belt It

Adding a belt is a great way to give your look shape and the belt acts as a simple accessory.

A Ribbed Tank

If there’s one essential item to wear throughout the summer, it’s a white ribbed tank top.

Tuck It In

A casual day look always looks more intentional when the details are tucked into place.

Oblique Cut-Outs

The oblique cut-out trend is the perfect option for making a statement while keeping the look simple.

Strategic Accessories

Stilletos, a Bottega clutch and Ray-Ban sunglasses—name a more perfect trio.

Soft Shades

A bright color can still be minimal when you pick a softer shade like blue.

A Leather Moto Jacket

They’ve been cool for well, forever. No stopping now.

A Long Coat
A long coat can make even the simplest of outfits look incredibly chic.
Monochrome Texture
Layering black-on-black feels instantly cool and fresh when you incorporate luxurious textures like leather.
Baggy Jeans

When in doubt, pair wide-leg jeans with a cropped T-shirt. It’s a match made in fashion heaven.


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