Doja Cat Glued 30,000 Swarovski Crystals All Over Her Body In The Name Of Fashion

If you were scrolling through Instagram this morning and thought you were seeing red, you were probably just watching Doja Cat’s arrival at the Schiaparelli show. Doja Cat’s fashion week look featured full-on red body crystals—30,000 Swarovski crystals to be exact. The singer’s entire head, face and arms were artfully bedazzled in red to match her fiery red Schiaparelli look. 

While Paris Couture week brings out the height of fashion on the runway, on the street and especially on celebrities, the Schiaparelli show always manages to take the drama a step further. Daniel Roseberry, the current designer behind Schiaparelli, is known to incorporate sculptural elements into his designs, leaving little distinguishment between the art and the models. 

This season, the Schiaparelli collection was inspired by Dante’s Inferno, and featured gold-faced models, and faux-fur gowns adorned with wildly realistic foam animal heads. Sitting in the front row, Doja Cat brought a devilish element to the show with her red crystals shimmering like the Inferno’s blaze. 
In order to get the red hot look, Doja Cat partnered with makeup artist Pat McGrath who was responsible for all of the model’s makeup on the runway. McGrath set aside over four hours to work with Doja Cat to cover the singer’s body in red paint and crystals. If you look closely, you’ll see the crystals cover even the smallest surfaces from Doja Cat’s eyelids to her fingernails. 

Of course, Doja Cat’s Schiaparelli outfit was an integral part of the final look’s impact. She wore a strapless red mini-dress that featured a sharp bust and a heavily beaded skirt. The dress’s skirt gave the same visual effect as the body crystals creating the illusion that the dress was a continuation of Doja Cat’s body. The back of the dress included a long red train which Doja Cat wore gracefully around her arms. For shoes, Doja Cat wore knee-high red Schiaparelli boots that featured the brand’s signature toe outline. 

For accessories, Doja Cat wore a huge pair of red and gold gem statement earrings and played into the “no necklace” trend we’ve been seeing on the red carpet recently. 

While this is certainly Doja Cat’s most advanced fashion week look, this isn’t the first time she’s experimented with body makeup. Last season, Doja Cat wore gold face paint (similar to the makeup seen on Schiaparelli’s runway this season) to Paris Fashion Week. 

In a tweet response to negative comments about her gold makeup, Doja Cat said, “​​I wasn’t trying to look sexy or attractive. All of my makeup has a story and there are absolutely 0 rules.” 

With a full month of fashion shows approaching, there’s plenty of opportunity for Doja Cat to continue to experiment with her look.

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