Artist Starts A Colorful Wedding Dress Business After Her “Fire” Wedding Dress Goes Viral

Every artist has a different story about how they became a full-time artist. However, almost every artistic road has one thing in common—it is marked with struggles, insecurities, and moments of giving up. Taylor Ann Linko dreamed of becoming an artist since she was in elementary school, when she started to decorate fruit baskets and sell them to her mom’s friends. After many failed attempts, she finally made it a few months after her wedding with her fabulous fire wedding dress!
Months before her wedding, Taylor Ann Linko decided that she wouldn’t be wearing a standard white wedding dress and she would instead paint it. She went to a few stores dress hunting and found a beautiful dress “Savoy’s Bellezza,” which she then customized. The process was really slow and took her almost a week before she committed to the color test of her actual dress and technique—painting it with an airbrush.
Finally, a week before her wedding, the dress was finally done and the outcome was beautiful. The dress perfectly reflected her colorful personality and everyone at the wedding loved it. Months after her wedding, other people started to appreciate her talent. One day, her Facebook and Instagram notifications started chiming like crazy. Her dress was shared on the front page of a UK gossip blog and people loved it. Even though they didn’t credit her, people noticed and found her. “The art of painting wedding dresses started when my dress went viral. I’ve always been a very colorful artist. So I got to experimenting and brainstorming how to incorporate my passion for art and color into my wedding,” revealed 
Hundreds of people started asking her to paint their dresses and Linko agreed. After that, she rented a studio down the street and started a small business of painting wedding dresses. Most importantly, her dream of becoming a full-time artist finally came true! Even though the process was slow, it was definitely worth it.

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