30 Times People Had Such A Close Call With Disaster, It Made Them Believe In Luck

Let’s not be naive, the world can be a dangerous place. Accidents can and do happen daily—they’re a part of being human. We have to somehow balance the knowledge that bad things can happen to us, while minimizing the risks we face, and also trying to live life to the fullest, without fear. After all, you can't spend the rest of your days hiding in a corner somewhere, scared to do anything. However, it’s moments where you are literally an inch away from getting disastrously hurt that can (almost) make you start believing in Luck with a capital ‘L.’ 

Bored Panda has compiled this list of pics and stories, showing how people miraculously avoided what could have been some truly nasty accidents. They came away unscathed thanks to pure luck (and possibly a guardian angel or two, depending on your beliefs). 

When you’ve scrolled through this list and upvoted the posts that made you do a double-take, feel free to take a look at Bored Panda’s earlier feature about narrow escapes right over here. 

We reached out to award-winning business psychologist and wellbeing specialist Lee Chambers with a couple of questions about living with confidence, as well as what mindset can help us recover more quickly if we do happen to get into an accident. The Startups 100 Index, the leading award for UK-based startups, has recently inducted Lee's company, Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing, into its ranks and he has been widely praised for his success. Read on for our interview with the psychologist.

#1 Sometimes It Pays To Have A Dirty Car. My Son Got Rear-Ended Last Night, The Other Driver Was Aggressive And Left Without Exchanging Info

#2 This Is Jeremiah. Jeremiah Wore Safety Goggles While Angle Grinding. Jeremiah Still Has His Right Eye. Be Like Jeremiah
#3 A Tram In The Netherlands Failed To Stop In Time And Broke Through The Emergency Barrier. It's Being Held Up By The Statue Of A Whale's Tail
#4 These Coins Stopped A Bullet And Saved My Great-Grandfather's Life During World War 1
#5 We Were Seconds Away From Losing Our Home To The California Fire. Thank You To All The Firefighters That Saved Our Community
#6 This Is Why You Wear A Full Helmet. My Friend Was Hit By Someone Who Ran A Red Light. If He Had Wore A Skull Cap, He'd Have No Lower Jaw
#7 Friend Was Driving Down The Road And A Tree Fell On The Bed Of His Truck, Missing Passengers In The Back Seat And Horses In The Trailer He Was Pulling
#8 I Got Hit By Shrapnel In Ukraine And My Helmet Saved Me From A Very Bad Headache
#9 This Was My Friend's Car After He Was Hit By A Semi. The Next Image Is The Only Injury He Sustained
#10 A Pole Flew Through My Friend's Windshield While Driving Down I-80 Outside Of Berkeley, California Almost Impaling Him
#11 Went To The Gas Station Last Night For 5 Minutes To Get Beer And Came Back To This. My Room Is The Window To The Right. I Feel Insanely Lucky Right Now. Might Go Gambling
#12 Y'all Can't Tell Me God Ain't Real
#13 This Is Why Hockey Players Wear Masks
#14 To Be Fair It Could Have Been Worse
#15 The Coronavirus Saved Us. This Is Our AP Office This Morning After The Beirut Explosion
#16 Good Karma: No Flat Tire And A New Good Lucky Charm In The Process
#17 We Were Sitting On The Chairs, Smoking A Cigarette, Talking, Laughing, Then A Car Fell On Us (Everybody's Ok)
#18 Truck Goes Over Bridge, Is Saved By Safety Chains Hooked Up To RV
#19 Well, That Was Lucky
#20 A Second Glance Saved Me From Living A Nightmare Tonight
#21 Dropped My Keys At Work Today
#22 Almost Died This Morning On The Highway. This Thing Bounced From The Left Lane Up In The Air And Impaled My Windshield
#23 Customer Said All 4 Of Them Were Uninjured But We Can’t Say The Same About The Car
#24 This Man's Phone Was Pierced With An Arrow While He Was Taking A Picture Of Another Man Threatening To Shoot Him
#25 Snorkeler Finds Lost Wedding Ring Wrapped Around A Mullet Fish Off Of Norfolk Island
#26 Too Close For Comfort
#27 Seriously, Proper Lab Attire Saved Me From Certain Blindness
#28 Well, That Was Close. Crate Dropped, And No Beer Spilled
#29 Close Call, Nail Didn’t Even Graze Fingers
#30 A Boulder Fell On My In-Laws' Car In Idyllwild, CA. How Lucky The People Weren't Hit


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