26 Celebrities Who Rejected Other Celebrities

Rejection is a big fear that prevents people from doing a lot of things. They are afraid to apply for that job, ask for help or ask someone out. Despite rejection not having life-changing consequences. When you get rejected, literally nothing changes about your situation, but in your head, you may think that you are not worthy enough and may feel like a failure.

Maybe it helps to know that we all get rejected sometimes. Even the people we admire, like celebrities. They not only have been rejected, but also openly talk about it and admit to their feelings that were refused by other celebrities.

We present you with a list of celebrities who reached out to their crush, but got their dreams crushed instead. Do you have any funny rejection stories? Share them with us in the comments!

#1 Donald Trump Was Rejected By Salma Hayek Who Already Had A Boyfriend

#2 Emma Watson Was Rejected By Tom Felton Who Considered Her A Sister
#3 Justin Bieber Was Rejected By Jennifer Lawrence Whose Response To His Confession Was "A Hard No... But Thanks"
#4 Donald Trump Was Rejected By Brooke Shields Who Already Had A Boyfriend
#5 Madonna Was Rejected By D’angelo Who Thought She Was Rude
#6 Chris Rock Was Rejected By Rihanna Who Was 29 At The Time And He Was 53
#7 Justin Bieber Was Rejected By Rihanna Who Said 'Nah' When He Asked For Her Number
#8 Nicole Kidman Was Rejected By Jimmy Fallon Because He Didn't Realize She Had A Crush On Him
#9 Demi Lovato Got Rejected By Emily Hampshire But Became Good Friends
#10 Julianne Hough Was Rejected By Daniel Radcliffe Who Ignored Her Valentine's Day Confession
#11 Aziz Ansari Was Rejected By Blake Lively After She Publicly Said That She Was His Fan
#12 Aaron Carter Was Rejected By Hilary Duff Who Was Already Over Their Past Relationship
#13 Harry Jowsey Was Rejected By Hailee Steinfeld Who Immediately Said "No" When He Messaged Her "Hi"
#14 Shawn Mendes Got Rejected By Billie Eilish As She Never Responded To His Texts
#15 Drake Was Rejected By Nicki Minaj Who Didn't Give Much Meaning To Their One-Night Stand
#16 Lindsay Lohan Was Rejected By James Franco And Even Lied About Sleeping With Him
#17 Lizzo Was Rejected By Chris Evans Who Didn't Take Her Business Proposal Seriously
#18 Tyrese Was Rejected By Janelle Monae Who Thanked Him For Showing Admiration
#19 Selena Gomez Was Rejected By George Shelley Who Eventually Turned Out To Be Gay
#20 Lana Condor Rejected Noah Centineo By Not Accepting His Offer To Practice Their Lines Waiting For An Audition
#21 Jennifer Love Hewitt Was Rejected By Adam Levine Who Thought Her Love Confession Was Aggressive
#22 James Charles Was Rejected By Jay Alvarrez Pointing Out He's Straight
#23 Niall Horan Was Rejected By Katy Perry Who Felt Like A Mom To Him
#24 Tiffany Haddish Got Rejected By Michael B. Jordan When She Reached Out To Him
#25 Harry Jowsey Was Rejected By Saweetie Who Saw His Messages But Didn't Respond
#26 Drake Rejected Model Celina Powell As He Was Concerned Where She Got His Number From
Social media persona Celina Powell doesn’t have a very good reputation as she is known for publicly announcing some famous rapper got her pregnant and accusing them of cheating on her. 

As we can see from screenshots that weren’t officially confirmed, it must have reached Drake’s ears as well, because when Celina messaged him, the rapper was firstly creeped out that she had his phone number and then instantly rejected her.

Later that year, Celina went on the Plug Talk Podcast and claimed that Drake once changed his phone number because she kept sending him nudes and was proud of this achievement.

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