15 Times People Came Up With An Awful Shoe Design But Executed Their Ideas Flawlessly

Do you ever stare at an item of clothing and wonder what the ever-loving heck went through the designer’s mind when they made it? We know we have… and we can’t wait to share those fun experiences with you.

The ‘Awful Taste But Great Execution’ subreddit is a massively popular online community of nearly 1.9 million members who document quality craftsmanship that is, ironically, somewhat tasteless (or wonderfully tasteful, depending on your point of view!). We’ve collected some of the most overdesigned and bizarre examples of shoes that are bound to confuse and amuse you. Scroll down and upvote the pics that you love to hate and hate to love! We're not going to lie, some of these designs actually work quite well... the pigeon shoes, in particular, are exquisite.

#1 These Campbell's Tomato Soup Shoes I Received For Christmas Years Ago

#2 Pigeon Shoes
#3 These Gum Shoe High Heels
#4 This Marge Simpson Shoe
#5 Armoured Crocs
#6 These Shoes Found In A Second-Hand Shop
#7 These Wookie Shoes That My Brother Bought
#8 My Footwear Design Entry For A Local Competition
#9 I Personally Think These Are Beautiful And Remind Me Of Monster High Doll Shoes. My BF Does Not Like 'Em. Lol
#10 I Looked Up “Dachshund In Shoes” And Got This
#11 Just Went Through My Old Shoe Collection And Realized I Always Had An Impeccable Sense For Style
#12 Hoof Shoes
#13 These Hamburger Shoes
#14 Pasta Shoes
#15 Went To The Dollar Store.. Found Grass Shoes


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