Here Are 30 Of The Best Celeb Halloween Costumes

Since celebrities are people too, as such, they love celebrating Halloween as much as everyone else—with costumes that leave everyone’s jaws hanging.

Many famous people partook in the fun and exciting Halloween tradition to dress up as someone else for a change and went all out, as if there was a prize. There probably is. In the form of internet karma. Whoa, getting side-tracked!

Anyhow, social media is chock-full of celebrity costumes from 2021’s Halloween weekend, so we bring you some of the finest of them with a curated list, which you can find below.

And hey, since you’re down there, why not vote and comment on the costumes you loved the most, and share with us how you celebrated Halloween this year in the comment section below!

#1 Janelle Monáe As The Grinch
#2 Ariana Grande As The Creature From Creature From The Black Lagoon
#3 Harry Styles As Dorothy From The Wizard Of Oz
#4 Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom As A Covid Vaccine And Dr. Dilf
#5 Trevor Noah As The Weeknd
#6 Alessia Cara As Amy Winehouse
#7 Steve Buscemi As Lenny Wosniak
#8 Lizzo As Baby Yoda, Aka Grogu, From The Mandalorian
#9 Doja Cat As Ms. Bellum From The Power Puff Girls
#10 Lebron James As Freddy Krueger
#11 Hailey Bieber As Britney Spears
#12 Camila Mendes And Madelaine Petsch As Velma And Daphne From Scooby-Doo
#13 Cardi B As Morticia Addams
#14 Mindy Kaling As A Strawberry
#15 Kendall Jenner As The Martian Girl From Mars Attacks
#16 Taylor Swift As A Squirrel
#17 Shawn Mendes As A Dead Mariarchi (Feat. Camilla Cabello)
#18 Lil Nas X As Seth Powers From Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
#19 Lisa From Blackpink As The Doll From Squid Game
#20 Jade Thirlwall And Jordan Stephens As Marge Simpson And Sideshow Bob
#21 Madonna As Harley Quinn
#22 Saweetie As Halle Berry's Catwoman
#23 Bebe Rexha As Anna Nicole Smith
#24 Victoria Justice As A Skeleton
#25 Winnie Harlow As Cheetara From Thunder Cats
#26 Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner As Paolo And Isabella From The Lizzie Mcguire Movie
#27 Chloe Bailey As Lola From Shark Tale
#28 Rebel Wilson As A Contestant On Squid Game
#29 Cole Sprouse As Eren From Attack On Titan
#30 Charli D'amelio As Alice In Wonderland

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