Groom Waits Anxiously For Bride’s First Look, Turns Around To Find Wife Isn’t Wearing A Dress


 Wedding days are filled with dozens of photos; the first look or the big reveal when the bride and groom first see each other can bring on the waterworks. Grooms aren’t immune to tears either. But one bride decided to prank her soon-to-be husband in the most humorous of ways.

Erin and Ean Goldberg scheduled their official first look pictures to be taken a few hours before their wedding ceremony. Erin had a scheme up her sleeve, but to pull it off, she’d need the help of photographer, Molly McElenney.

Erin and Ean would pose for their photos standing with their backs turned toward each other. Come the moment of the big reveal; they’d spin around and tada! Erin’s outfit? A pair of pajamas she’d had since she was 17.

On the big day, Ean was dressed all dapper in his grey suit. Erin had her hair and makeup looking flawless, but it was her choice of outfit that stole the show. And why wouldn’t it? Torn sweatpants and a giant cat shirt are comfy and fun. They elicited the response Erin hoped for.
When he saw her, Ean burst out laughing. Erin told  People: “I mess with him all the time and I thought it was a really good opportunity for me to prank him  because I don’t dress up very often.”

Erin added how excited Ean was to see her in her bridal gown. She changed into her dress and took Ean’s breath away during their first look photos. Their wedding was a lovely stress-free backyard ceremony. The photographer got a kick out of the day’s happenings too.

Molly posted photos of Erin’s prank outfit on the Love What Matters Facebook page. They’ve since gone viral. Erin doesn’t intend on getting rid of the shirt, but she knows the pants with their warn hems will have to eventually be retired.

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