Dad Hilariously Photoshopped His New Born Son Doing Manly Things

You wouldn’t just see every kid shaving, mowing the lawn or lifting heavy weights. But you’ll see Matt MacMillan’s son, Ryan,  doing all of that thanks to his daddy’s awesome Photoshop skills.

Ryan was born premature and he weighed just 3 pounds, however that didn’t stop his dad from having fun with his son’s photos. He created a set up, arranged props and made use of his expert editing skills to show his son doing a number of manly things.

Scroll on to see adorable photos taken by Matt featuring Ryan doing manly things.

1 When she says she doesn't like facial hair
 2 Gotta do the early morning duties
 3 Lawn cleaning the hardcore way
 4 Poker nights with my boys
 5 Gotta do all the hard work myself
 6 Lonely fishing trips be like
 7 Let's see where the sound's coming from
 8 Today, we feast!
 9 Getting late for work
 10 Gotta stay in shape
 11 I'm my own motivation
 12 The beautiful journey!

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