15 Photos Which Prove That Life Can Troll You Anytime


 Life is unpredictable and full of unfortunate incidents. No matter how much you think and plan, you still cannot do them when things don't turn up in your favour. The following compilation of photos has been done by us just to prove the point. These perfectly timed photos prove that life can't get any worse than this. After going through these it felt as if they were not planned to be clicked like this but after you see them, you'll certainly want to duplicate these situations. The snaps are so spot-on that you will be left guffawing away to glory.

From being cringe-worthy to hilarious, while there are some clicks question the photographer's undue promptness to capture the moment and not respond to the urgent situation, there are a few where you'd appreciate the timing.

1. The resting pose

 Photos do capture the reality and also serve as a great memory for the future. There is no denying the innate power that the photographs carry. Have a look at the photos here and enjoy!

To start with, it seems the pictured dump truck is resting and in the next one people are resting over a truck.

2. Full throttle

 The men shouldn't have tried to test the 4x4 capabilities of the truck.

3. The reckless

 I don't know about him (who clicked this photograph) but never try this with yourself. You don't know when the car will blow into pieces along with you.

4. Bad luck

 The machine's user tried to take a Snickers and now will have to buy another since the first one got blocked.

5. The cupcake blunder

 I am not taking my creamfilled cup cake in a take-away now, ever.

6. Revenge time

 The best way to hurt your friend is convince them to get clicked a kicking image and kick her instead.

7. Vacation blunders

 He probably sat under the sun with his vest ON for some years now.

8. Ultimate stunt

 Can you figure out, the elephant decided to jump over the Polo or the driver of Polo chose to drive between the legs of the elephant?

9. The cheerleader's display

 Did she just...?!?

10. Portable beehive

 Forget about looking at ceilings and finding a beehive, here you can have a portable one. You can take it anywhere you want to

11. Pea surprise

 And, while a mother was persuading her child to have some green veggies; this looper insect crawled out surprising them.

12. Loss of brain

 The lady dropped her shakes after she decided to lose her brain at the counter and not seeing the obvious.

13. Unhappy corpse

 Perhaps the last nail was still to be hammered, and the spirit now wants to come out.

14. Invaluable car

 Perhaps the painters didn't like the car much and decided to ruin it.

15. Gasoline on-the-go

Perhaps you'd like to take some fuel out of the mini-truck.

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