15 Candidates For Tattoo Removal


 We’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t get a tattoo of something you wouldn’t want to look at the rest of your life.” Tattoos are, after all, permanent, so it’s worth putting considerable thought into what you get.

Well, actually maybe not “all” of us have heard that saying, because there are lots and lots and LOTS of bad tattoos out there. Today we’ve got 15 of the most questionable tats. With some of them, the tattoo artist clearly screwed up. With others, the design itself is so out there, you can’t help but admire the person’s individuality.

You know what? If you’re agonizing over whether to get a dolphin on your ankle, or your Mom’s signature on your shoulder, just go for it. And then, if you get tattoo remorse, come back and look at this article again. You’ll feel better, I promise.

1. “I wanna show people precisely how my baby got fleas.”
 2. When a selfie’s just not enough.
 3. Long live the king.
 4. “I need a tattoo that will help me seem cool to my 12-year-old daughter.”
 5. “Start with the worst picture ever taken of me, then give me anime hair.”
 6. “Marilyn Monroe! You don’t know who that is? That’s OK, I brought a picture. You’d rather just wing it? Um…sold!”
 7. “I want a reason to never wear shorts again.”
 8. “I want one that symbolizes my triumph over lactose intolerance.”
 9. “Gimme a conversation stopper.”
 10. “Gimme the Mork.”
 11. Please clap.
 12. “I’ll take Freddie Mercury after he’s been stung by a bee.”
 13. “I just want my name, Ana. There’s no way you can screw that up.”
 14. “I don’t wanna bother with removal. Is there another option?”
 15. “I’d like the literal definition of irony.”

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