Like most people, you've probably struggled with feeling like an occasional failure at work. Everyone makes mistakes and setbacks are inevitable, but still, it can be hard not to dwell on our own blunders. (S/O to everyone who's woken up in a cold sweat at 3 A.M. thinking of the time you accidentally replied all.)

The next time you find yourself feeling this way, just think of these folks who failed at their jobs so hard you'll wonder how they got that far in the first place:

This maze designer
 Whoever frankensteined this supposed map of the Americas.
 The writer of this candy menu.
 Whoever who set up this window display.
 The person in charge of updating this breaking news banner.
 The maker of this trophy, who thought they were just following instructions.

 The person who decided to use a color-coded map for this greyscale publication.
 The person who designed this yearbook.
 Whoever stocked these shelves.
 This designer, who decided to add braille to a flat sign
 The person who painted this road sign.
 Whoever was in charge of translating this label.
  The designer of this instruction card.
 Whoever was in charge of this o.j. carton's assembly line.
 This calendar designer, who decided to make February even shorter by skipping the 22nd.
 The brilliant person who installed this lock.

 The person who mistakenly printed this sudoku solution instead of the puzzle.
 The McDonald's employee who assembled this sandwich.
 The cake decorator who glossed over this form.
 This mail person, who paid no heed to instructions.
 Whoever was tasked with placing this sign.
 The person who took this "before" photo.
 Whoever was responsible for printing these tags.
Last but not least, the person who installed this bewildering trash/recycling bin.

So whatever screw-ups you may make along the way, remember there's always someone out there who has failed harder.

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