20 People Who Proved Their Existence By Doing Strange And Weird Things

 "Do what you love, and do it well - that's much more meaningful than any metric. - Kevin Systrom"

Many people in this world have heard or read this quote, but some people took it seriously to perform strange things in public or while being alone.

We know many things that are strange and cannot be carried out in public, but some people defy all those boundaries and do what they love. These people catch the attention of the world by acting weird.

Now you may be wondering about what strange things I am talking about? Well, this is what we are here to present to you. A man sleeping on the McDonald's symbol above the ground, a girl eating her hand, a man with strange clothes, and many such types of people who were captured while doing something unexpected and unusual.

So, let us now head down towards the list and see people who did strange and weird things.

Something is surely wrong with her.

 I have seen people go crazy in the club while dancing to the beats, but I have never seen someone swallowing their own hand.

I don't know what he is wearing.

 How can a person wear this and also go in a public train while wearing it?

Everything is same.

 The dress of the woman, the kid and the pattern of the wall, everything is almost similar.

There is something wrong with the person or seat.

 This is what happens when you drink too much and visit a theatre.

The goal is to reach the higher level.

 I don't know how this man ended up there, but it looks like he is enjoying there at the top of McDonald's symbol.

Look closely.

 I was also confused when I saw the left part of the picture, but after seeing the right side, I came to know that the woman is not naked and she is wearing pants.

Time to go for a walk.

 I think she is under the influence of something because without it she won't take a computer for a ride.

How the hell is he doing it?

 I think this man is a secret witch because a normal human being cannot fly.

Time to go to sleep.

 I was shocked and speechless when I first saw this picture. I am still trying to figure out about how can a person sleep on the back of the tiger? 

Pizza with chopsticks.

 The world is full of strange people, and this picture gave me a proof of that.

Strange hairdo.

 I think this girl went to the salon and forgot to adjust her hairs\ perfectly, that's why they are in such an untidy condition.

Wrong use of a blow-dryer.

 I think this girl lost her mind and that's why she thought of using a blow-dryer for drying her teeth.

This man is carrying his child. 

 I don't know what this man is trying to show, but holding a kid like this is not a good idea in any condition.

Strange selfie. 

 Now this one is pretty weird, a girl taking mirror-selfie with her grandmother holding her leg. 

Doing homework.

 This is how this girl is doing her homework, at least according to her status.

Selection of wrong footwear.

 Well, this is what happens when you wear clogs for a long time. 

Time for lunch.

 Older generation people also have swag and here is the proof.

Koala mask.

 I think this man created this koala mask for the party of Halloween because it can easily scare the shit out of anyone. 

Beards are in trend.

 We all know that the beards are in trend and this man is showing his style. But it is my duty to warn all the men who are thinking of trying this.

Sagging pants.

 I think he forgot to adjust his pants.

Weird brand ambassador.

I am sorry McDonald's, but I will not call it a promotion. By this type of ambassador, you can only make people laugh not buy your food

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