An All New Cats Being Jerks (Gifs + Pics)

 While kittens are angels disguised at little murder-floofs, cats are evil creatures. Honestly few household pets have such venom and such a petty streak. You ask them not to break or move or do something, and they will stare at you with unfeeling eyes as the disaster unfolds before your very eyes. This, as they watch with delight at the plight they have wrought upon us once again. But cats are great! Right? Yeah no I can't even try to convince you or anyone else that cats aren't Devil spawn.

But shake off all the bad vibes from the unfolding catastrophe and look at a heartwarming story that captured audiences online and off about a boy and a bear and their adorable dancing. Or these wholesome huskies who are just waiting to be laughed at for their antics.


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