20 Photos Only the Wizards of Timing Could Take

 Timing is key when taking a good photo. A good trick with lighting or a misplaced angle can make the unreal be, or at least look, more than real, making for a photo that’s even better than you expected. The best part is that you now have a crazy image that will last forever.

We have collected images of some of the most perfectly timed photos for you to see! Don’t forget to check out our takes perfect timing to another level: sky high!

1. What kind of witchcraft is this?
 2. See no evil...think no evil...
 3. He takes after his father.
 4. Behold the calm before the storm.
 5. Do you think that guy could fit inside his pocket?
 6. This is his crowning glory.
 7. Hurry! Catch it!
 8. It would seem that the new Star Wars is going for a cowboy angle...
 9. Pop the bubble!
 10. Quick, make a wish!
 11. The Headless Horseman’s teenage years were nothing but basketball.
 12. When you forget to coordinate with the scenery...
 13. “Look, Ma, I made a bird!”
 14. This proved to be the start of a memorable snow day...
 15. Taste the rainbow.
 16. This is the kid who would be king.
 17. It’s a’s a bird...wait, no, it really is a bird.
 18. A nice mustache without all that work grooming it.
 19. If you see this outside, you need to run and hide.
 20. The last second before they realized they didn’t order a Leaning Tower of Pisa wedding cake
 Bonus: Now, that’s a view!
Do you have any perfectly timed photos? Or do you know of any others? Share them with us!

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