20 Infuriating pictures that will drive you insane with OCD

 We’re all allergic to certain habits that drive us insane. If you’re a clean freak, even a misplaced cup next to the sink will be frustrating. Because why couldn’t it have been inside the sink? Would it really hurt to move those extra few inches?

If you’re like me. You want things to be neat and tidy, in a perfect order or at least if that’s not possible, you want to see some sort of order. Chaos and disorder will trigger your OCD. You’d rather bite your head off then work in a place with misplaced labels or live in a house with irregular architecture.

If your OCD is like mine, prepare to be utterly frustrated by the disorder in the images listed below. Number 3 would drive me Nuts if I saw it in a place I lived in:

Some people just want to watch the world burn
 The Designer was thinking outside the box!
 Must. Rotate. Manhole
 Most Useless security camera ever!
 Ah the good old peanut butter and jelly!
 At least the bridge holds.
 Imagine if a perfectionist had to wear these socks for the rest of his/her life.
 I Mean, Come On!
 I would change my house if this happens
 Again with Something That Should Be in the Middle but Isn't...
 My OCD is at war with my fanboyism.
 I have to look at this light every day at work. It's been getting on my nerves!
 Pizza is beautiful. Please don't ruin it by doing this.
 I'll bleed to death but I won't wear this
 My wife always triggers my OCD by doing this
 Oh Lord, guide these people!
 Where did this architect get his degree from?!
 What an Idiot !! FIRED !!
 My OCD gland is going haywire!
 Every single time this happens I wanna scream

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