The Funniest, Most Hilarious Trivia Game Questions and Answers

Attempt searching Google for "funny minutiae." i'm no longer speakme about trivia it is fun, due to the fact maximum exact trivia is a laugh. i'm speaking about snigger-inducing trivialities. Stuff that's truely humorous and properly-written.

This game is smakemakeup to motive laughter. optimistically it is like a comedic version of a trivialities recreation. That being said, it is still a very good trivia game.

The sport is meant to be played among two teams. The toss-americaought to be examine till one gromakemakeup answers. The make-up that answers then receives a bonus query that handiest that team can solution. the sport is suitable for bar trivialities, just like the format of Geeks Who Drink. Watch the video for an instance of ways the game is performed.


Toss-Up Quiz Questions With solutions

  1. who's the best member of ZZ top who doesn’t have a beard? (FRANK BEARD)
  2. Who have been the primary television comakeuple to be proven in mattress together on top time tv? (FRED AND WILMA FLINTSTONE)
  3. Who turned into the primary Twitter user to reach 20 million fans? Her songs include the brink of Glory, Judas, Born This manner, awful Romance, and Poker Face? (girl GAGA)
  4. trivialities team name minutiae. right here’s the make-up call: “changed into each person amazed approximately Jodi Foster. She starred in a film known as The Beaver.” Who become the lead actor within the Beaver? (MEL GIBSON)
  5. Millicent Roberts is the center and final name of what iconic kids’s toy? (Barbie)
  6. “All that money, and he’s still got hair like a fu***** dinner woman” is some thing said about Elton John via what former signer and writer of the 1995 autobiography TAKE IT LIKE a man. (BOY GEORGE)
  7. consistent with David Letterman, Sarah Palin experienced an awkward second at a Yankees recreation whilst her 14-year-antique daughter, Willow, changed into knocked makeup by what player? (Alex Rodriguez)
  8. both of these things are available in a fancy container: a Rolex and what British soccer star? (David Beckham)
  9. What former American Basketball affiliation participant, whilst told that his planes departure time turned into eight a.m. however might land in St. Louis at 7:59am because of a time quarter exchange stated “I ain’t goin’ on no time system” and rented a automobile rather? (MARVIN BARNES)
  10. based totally on a pink carpet interview, of what Oscar-prevailing actor did Joan Rivers remark: “he makes Hitler appearance warm and humorous”? The actor’s films encompass Love tale, Eyes of Laura Mars, JFK, The consumer, and The Fugitive . (TOMMY LEE JONES)
  11. extra trivia gromakemakeup call triva. here’s the crewmakeup call: Stuffing Torrey’s Holes Like Tiger. In what country is Torrey Pines located? (CALIFORNIA)
  12. “His mother have to have thrown him away and saved the stork” is a quote from this well-known actress, who had a infamous feud with Raquel Welch. (MAE WEST)
  13. “He has Van Gogh’s ear for tune” became a quote from this director, whose movies encompass “buddy buddy”, “Fedora”, “The front page”, “The Fortune Cookie”, and “Irma l.  a. Douce”. (BILLY WILDER)
  14. “they are able to’t play baseball. They don’t put on sweaters. They’re no longer exact dancers. They don’t play drums. they may be never seen drinking cappuccino in Italian restaurants with oriental girls.” who are they? (FISH HEADS)
  15. more trivialities make-up call trivia. right here’ the team name: “Lance Armstrong in the end had the ball to come back clean.” Armstrong turned into the second man to “win” the tour 5 times in a row, so who become the simplest guy to win the tour 5 times in a row? (MIGUEL INDURAIN)
  16. “Germans are flummoxed by way of humor, the Swiss haven't any concept of a laugh, the Spanish make-upposemakeup there is nothing at all ridiculous approximately consuming dinner in the dead of night, and the Italians must never, ever have been let in at the invention of the motor automobile” is a quote by means of what author, writer of “A short history of nearly the entirety” and “A stroll in the Woods”. (invoice BRYSON)
  17. What singer/actor gave Marilyn Monroe a white poodle named Mafia? (FRANK SINATRA)
  18. Who wrote Barry Manilow’s chart-topping hit “I Write the Songs?” (BRUCE JOHNSTON)
  19. “The sad however authentic story of Ray Mingus, The Lumberjack of Bulk Rock city, And His by no means Slacking Stribe in Exploiting The thus far Undiscovered regions of the purpose to bodily sex From the other Species of his kind in the course of intake of all of the intellectual circumstance that could Be Derived From Fermantation” is the longest tune title ever at 305 characters by what make-uporganization? (REDNEX)
  20. “I reduce down bushes. I eat my lunch. I go to the toilet. On Wednesdays I go shopping and buttered scones for tea.” Who am I? (A LUMBERJACK)
  21. He had a response to the aluminum powder in his b6fd8d88d79ed1018df623d0b49e84e7 and needed to abandon his performing role to visit the health center. call this actor, the unique Tin man in the Wizard of ounces (buddy EBSEN)
  22. 1997’s “Perdita Durango”, directed by means of Alex de la Iglesia and starring Rosie Perez because the titular anti-heroine is the most effective sequel to any of David Lynch’s movie. call it. (WILD AT coronary heart)
  23. Hoyt Axton, who plays inventor Rand Peltzer in “Gremlins” turned into a famend singer/songwriter. His maximum well-known track, “The Pusher” turned into protected by way of Steppenwolf and used inside the soundtrack to what iconic Peter Fonda movie? (easy RIDER)
  24. “A bug’s existence,” “conflict past the celebs,” and “The mind-blowing Seven” all owe a debt of gratitude to what Akira Kurosawa film? (THE SEVEN SAMURAI)
  25. greater minutiae make-up name trivialities. right here’s the crewmakeup name: “Bruce Willis is a ghost and Batman dies on the cease also Gwyneth Paltrow’s head is inside the field.” name the three films. (THE sixth sense, THE darkish KNIGHT RISES, SEVEN)
  26. Nora Ephron become married to Nicholas Pileggi and used Henry Hill’s reports in witness protection from Goodfellas for which of her movies, starring Steve Martin? (MY BLUE HEAVEN)
  27. What Alfred Hitchcock movie capabilities a flushing lavatory for the first time? (PSYCHO)
  28. The rock band Seven Mary three fashioned in 1992 whilst Jason Ross and Jason Pollock met while attending The college of William and Mary. The band took its call from the radio name signal that the man or woman Jon Baker utilized in what show? (CHIPS)
  29. discover the artist or track from the misheard lyric: “got my first actual sex dream. i was five at the time. performed it till my hands bled. It become the summer time of 69.” (BRYAN ADAMS, summer season OF sixty nine)
  30. “I didn’t attend the funeral, however I despatched a nice letter pronouncing I accredited of it” is a quote from what American slapstick comedian and author. (MARK TWAIN)
  31. “music journalists like Elvis Costello because music journalists look like Elvis Costello.” changed into a quote from this musician whose solo albums consist of Skyscraper, a touch Ain’t sufficient, and Diamond Dave. He become also the lead singer of a band, however was replaced by Sammy Hagar. (DAVID LEE ROTH)
  32. “My pony plays the mamba” is the misheard lyric from this music. The actual lyric is “Marconi plays the mamba.” call the song or make-up. (STARSHIP, WE built THIS metropolis)
  33. He changed into allergic to carrots. He changed into a well-known voice artist. He voiced a well-known caricature man or woman. The cartoon man or woman become a rabbit. Who became he? (MEL BLANC)
  34. Billie excursion become the babysitter for what future Oscar host? (BILLY CRYSTAL)

Who Am I? Sport Questions With answers

Well-known human beings often have motive to insult other well-known humans for one motive or any other. I’ll provide a well-known man or woman and a quote, you inform me who they had been referring to.

  1. Who changed into Winston Churchill referencing when he stated: “My pricey, you are unsightly, but the next day I will be sober, and you may nonetheless be ugly.” (MP BESSIE BRADDOCK)
  2. Who changed into Frank Sinatra referring to while he said: “properly, at the least he has located his real love – what a pity he can’t marry himself.” (ROBERT REDFORD)
  3. Who changed into Bette Midler talking approximately whilst she said: “She loves nature, no matter what it did to her.” (PRINCESS ANNE)
  4. Who become Liam Gallagher speakme about while he stated: “she will be able to’t even chunk gum and stroll in a immediately line, let alone write a e-book.” (VICTORIA BECKHAM)
  5. Athletic accidents aren't any giggling rely, unless you’re any such guys. pick out the sports activities superstar from the harm that sent him to the bench:

This former cub missed three weeks with a back damage after he sneezed violently. (SAMMY SOSA)

  • This former Atlanta Braves pitcher ironed his shirt… at the same time as he turned into wearing it. (JOHN SMOLTZ)
  • This former Blue Jay, Indian, Cub, massive, Mariner, Yankee, and Angel had a dream he changed into being chased by means of a massive spider, jumped off the bed, and sliced open his foot on a tumbler table. (GLENALLEN HILL)
  • This Rockie broke his collarbone sporting deer meat up to his rental. (CLINT BARMES)
Pick out the artist and music from those misheard lyrics:

  • “would possibly as well face it, you’re a dick with a glove.” (ROBERT PALMER, hooked on LOVE)
  • “Steak and a Knife, Steak and a Knife.” (BEE GEES, STAYIN’ ALIVE)
  • “allow’s pee inside the nook, permit’s pee in the highlight.” (REM, losing MY religion)
  • “You seem like Medusa with Hair-Rollers inside the night time.” (MANFRED MANN’S EARTH BAND, BLINDED by way of THE light)
I’ll provide you with the identify of a porn film, you inform me the director of the actual movie makeupon which it's miles based.

  • Dyke difficult (JOHN MCTIERNAN)
  • Sorest Rump (ROBERT ZEMECKIS)
  • Saturday night time Beaver (JOHN BADHAM)
  • unfastened My Willy (SIMON WINCER)

I’ll give youmakeup a singer or band who had a pinnacle 40 hit at the identical time another singer or band had a pinnacle forty hit with that singer or band’s name in it. You perceive the opposite act.

  • while the Beatles had 7 top 40 hits going, who had a pinnacle 40 hit with we like You Beatles? (THE CAREFREES)
  • while Bruce Springsteen had successful with “Born to Run” who had successful with “Bruce”? (RICK SPRINGFIELD)
  • at the same time as Nirvana had a success with “Come as you're” who had successful with “Smells Like Nirvana”? (bizarre AL)

pick out the actors in the following movie star feuds given the outline in their feud:

  • This actress smakeupposedly threw a espresso cmakeup of urine on this director’s face when he wouldn’t let her take a bathroom break at some point of a scene in his 1974 masterpiece. (FAYE DUNAWAY, ROMAN POLANSKI)
  • This actor was saddled with a meant gerbil rumor through his co-megastar, who also got him changed within the Lords of Flatbush. (RICHARD GERE, SYLVESTER STALLONE)
  • This feud is going all of the manner back to 1935 while this actress married the opposite actresses co-star in dangerous, Franchot Tone. (BETTE DAVIS, JOAN CRAWFORD)
  • these television co-stars have long past out it long after their display turned into cancelled with one actor calling the alternative “the largest douche” and the alternative one complaining he became the handiest cast member no longer invited to the other’s wedding ceremony and that no one cared that stated actor had pop out of the closet. (WILLIAM SHATNER, GEORGE TAKEI)

perceive the song and artist from the misheard lyric:

  • “due to the fact the night belongs to attorneys. due to the fact the night belongs to lawyers.” (10,000 MANIACS, "due to the fact THE night time")
  • “i love the feel of Lorainne on my face. i like the flavor of Lorainne on my lips.” (EDDIE RABBIT, "i like A wet night time")
  • “I’ll in no way go away your pizza burnin’.” (ROLLING STONES, "BEAST OF BURDEN")
  • “You needed to be a massive shot ninja.” (BILLY JOEL, "huge SHOT")

considered one of Jimmy Kimmel’s funniest segments is set celebrities analyzing mean tweets. perceive the make-up based totally on the tweet:

  • “I’d might as a substitute chop my arm off and fuck myself with my detached limb than watch “This singer: the movie”. What the fuck is wrong with the world? (KATIE PERRY)
  • “dear God, deliver us lower back 2Pack and we’ll make-up this singer.” (JUSTIN BIEBER)
  • “in case you trade the “I” in this actress’s ultimate call to a “t”, you get Anna Farts. exciting.” (ANNA FARIS)
  • “This actress is so fucking unpleasant. manner too unsightly to play snow white in snow white and the huntsman.” (KRISTEN BELL)

Athletic accidents aren't any laughing count number, until you’re any such guys. become aware of the ports superstar from the injury that despatched him to the bench:

  1. This former Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher with the equal call as a former 49ers going for walks back cut his hand while adjusting the strap of his wife’s bra. (ROGER CRAIG)
  2. This former Broncos quarterback injured his foot even as getting off the couch. (JAKE PLUMMER)
  3. Now a town mayor, this former basketball participant dislocated his shoulder giving his teammate a hug. (KEVIN JOHNSON)
  4. This former Baltimore Colt left guard, who become a key protector of QB Bert Jones, pulled his hamstring running onto the sphere for the coin toss. (ROBERT PRATT)

whilst celebrities assault other celebrities, we all advantage. identify the man or woman being spoken approximately given a make-uperstar and their insult.

  • “He stated now’s the time to get lower back to paintings. I idea, yeah you need to get back to work to shop for crack. Crack doesn’t purchase itself.” Spoken through Gilbert Gottfried approximately what politician? (ROB FORD)
  • “She said that small towns, that’s the a part of the united states of america she honestly likes going to because that’s the pro-the united states a part of the u . s .. you already know, I just want to mention to her, simply in no time: fuck you.” Jon Stewart’s insult approximately whom? (SARAH PALIN)
  • Who did Don Rickles say this to: “Oh my God, look at you. every body else harm inside the accident?” (ERNEST BORGNINE)
  • Of what actor did Mamie Van Doren say: “He’s the type of man who will makeup dying in his personal arms.” (WARREN BEATTY)

perceive those athletes primarily based on an injury they sustained.

  • This hall-of-famer became off to a white-warm begin in 1986, hitting .404 as overdue as June 6. but that’s when he tried to kick off his cowboy boots in a Toronto resort room, misplaced his balance, and fell ribs first onto the arm of a sofa. He ended the year at .357. (WADE BOGGS)
  • This former Padre, Ranger, Philly, Oriole, and Rockie, changed into so excited to open his double DVD replica of Backdraft and glad Gilmore that he stabbed himself in the stomach looking to get the decrease wrap off. (ADAM EATON)
  • This rotund Knicks center become simply taking a smash from practice while he sat on a blue physioball and it exploded. He scraped his wrist and overlooked game time. (EDDY CURRY)
  • This former Broncos quarterback sprained his ankle tripping over his canine, which changed into after he fell on a teammate’s driveway and knocked himself unconscious. (BRIAN GRIESE)

I’ll make-up with the identify of a porn movie. You tell me the director of the authentic and the 12 months it become launched.

  • In Diana Jones and the Temple of Poon (STEVEN SPIELBERG, 1984)
  • Throbin’ Hood, Prince of Beaves (KEVIN REYNOLDS (KEVIN COSTNER version), 1991)
  • Breast side story (JEROME ROBBINS, ROBERT wise, 1961)
  • using miss Daisy (BRUCE BERESFORD, 1989)

become aware of the 2013 tv show from in which the following quote originated:

  • “after I met you, i used to be flawlessly happy with what I had – consuming night time cheese and transitioning my pajamas into day put on.” (30 ROCK)
  • “Up yours, Proclone.” (ORPHAN BLACK)
  • “yes, all men must die. but we aren't men.” (sport OF THRONES)
  • “I watched Jane die. i used to be there. and i watched her die. I watched her overdose and choke to loss of life. I should’ve stored her. however I didn’t.” (BREAKING terrible)

identify the artist and track from the misheard lyrics:

  • “allow’s get fizzy bloodless, fizzy bloodless.” (OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN, physical)
  • “My anus is the center hollow.” (J. GEILS BAND, CENTERFOLD)
  • “I’ve were given  chickens to paralyze.” (EDDIE cash,  TICKETS TO PARADISE)
  • “I left my brains down in Africa.” (TOTO, AFRICA)

identify the 2013 television show based on the following quote:

  • “not smakemakeup, Bob!” (MAD guys)
  • “He’s hungry. My nipples are no use to him.” (grey’S ANATOMY)
  • “human beings have judged me due to my eyebrow. i'm able to’t manage my eyebrow. i'm able to’t control it. i'm able to’t manage what’s on my face 24/7.” (THE BACHELOR)
  • “My body is very attracted for your frame, however whilst you speak, my brain gets angry.” (THE MINDY project)

perceive the musical makeup from the info in their ruin-makeup.

  • As Rolling Stone says: “when you positioned make-up of junkies and a megalomaniac in a band together, the shit will hit the fan eventually.” three years after their largest album, they driven out unique drummer Steven Adler due to his excessive drug dependancy. quickly thereafter, the lead singer started displaying make-up for shows ridiculously past due till one night they signed away the rights to the band’s call.” (weapons N’ ROSES)
  • This duo managed to hold it collectively for twenty years until one brother confirmed make-up under the influence of alcohol to a display and saved screwing makeup the lyrics till the other brother smashed a guitar over his head and stormed out. (THE EVERLY BROTHERS)
  • In a 2007 Rolling Stone interview, this lead singer stated of the band’s damage-make-up: “We didn’t have a make-uperb deal in commonplace. We had been distinctive generations, in Andy’s case, welded together by a flag of comfort. a part of the disappointment became that Stewart and Andy have been pushed to jot down. It’s hard to inform somebody it’s now not a terrific tune and it become normally me.” (THE POLICE)
  • This make-up came unglued at some stage in a 1980 benefit display for Senator Alan Cranston. One member didn’t want the band concerned in political causes and whilst the senator’s spouse visited behind the curtain, he stated: “first-rate to fulfill you, I wager.” That night, one of the different participants started threatening the primary band member on mic. “That’s 3 greater, buddy.” He become clearly counting down the songs final before he administered a behind the scenes beatdown. (THE EAGLES)

discover the smakemakeup from the quite make-upidmakeup quote:

  • “on every occasion I watch tv and see the ones negative starving kids everywhere in the world, i will’t help but cry. I mean, I’d love to be skinny like that but now not with all those flies and death and stuff.” (MARIAH CAREY)
  • “My sister is anticipating a infant and that i don’t realize if I’m going to be an uncle or aunt.” Is attributed to Chuck Nevitt, a former North Carolina state basketball participant explain to what deceased coach his motive for acting nervous at exercise. (JIM VALVANO)
  • “Fiction writing is make-up. you can make makeup nearly whatever” is attributed to this famous wife, now ex-spouse, after her first novel, “for love on my own.” (IVANA TRUMP)
  • “Smoking kills. if you’re killed, you’ve misplaced a totally important a part of your existence” is attributed to this “Blue Lagoon” star. (BROOKE SHIELDS)

In honor of Donald Sterling, answer those questions about other racist figures in sports activities.

  • This famed handicapper ended his profession by using uttering a diatribe on makeup of the black athlete and Civil battle breeding. (JIMMY THE GREEK)
  • What Washington Redskin participant become Howard Cosell relating to along with his notorious "little monkey" comment? (ALVIN GARRETT)
  • What golfer stated of Tiger Woods as Woods became running away with the 1997 Masters: "You pat him at the returned and say congratulations and experience it and inform him no longer to serve fried chicken next year. got it? Or collard vegetables or whatever the hell they serve.” (FUZZY ZOELLER)
  • What commentator, whilst wondered about why NASCAR motive force Juan Pablo Montoya wasn't blanketed on a top 5 drivers list stated "he is out having a taco." (BOB GRIESE)

perceive the object of vilification given the track identify and artist:

  • Hank Williams, “keep the change”. (PRESIDENT OBAMA)
  • 50 Cent, “back off”. (JA RULE)
  • Foo opponents, “I’ll Stick round”. (COURTNEY LOVE)
  • Alanis Morissette, “You Oughta realize”. (DAVE COULIER)

Bonus trivialities game Questions

All of us recognize how embarrassing it's far to provide a wrong solution, specially even as underneath the pressure of your scowling teammates, but doing it at the air is another aspect altogether. offer the wrong answer to these clean questions:

  • whilst asked “where is Cambridge university” on “Beg, Borrow, or scouse borrow”, this contestant gave this solution, domestic of the Kilworth residence Theater, Bradgate u . s . Park, and Welford avenue Stadium. (LEICESTER)
  • whilst asked who had a global hit with “What a great world” and then being caused with recommendations including “what do you name the component between your hand and your elbow” and “if you’re not susceptible, you’re….” and “what was Lord Mountbatten’s first call, this contestant got here makeup with this member of the Rat p.c.. (FRANK SINATRA)
  • when requested on “university undertaking” what Gandhi’s first name become, this contestant got here make-up with this answer, that is the phrase for playfully pinching someone's at the back of and adding a "y" at the cease. (GOOSEY)
  • whilst asked on “Richard and Judy” which American actor is married to Nicole Kidman, the contestant gave this answer, a name to an Oscar-prevailing Robert Zemeckis movie. (FORREST GUMP)

become aware of the movie from what’s considered to be one of the worst pieces of dialogue of all-time:

  • “should be weird not having every person cum on you.” (SHOWGIRLS)
  • “I hate to disappoint you, however rubber lips are immune to your charms.” (BATMAN AND ROBIN)
  • “Sack of wine!” (TROY)
  • “It’s turkey time. Gobble. Gobble.” (GIGLI)

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